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Support A FARMER - Picnic on the Farm

A BIG thanks to everybody who made it out to Lake View Organic Farm last weekend. Wow! It's lovely to see people enjoying some space, the countryside, our rolling hills and river scenery. We had lots of little people enjoying the new babies on the farm, too!

This week, we're all about BASIL! There is Basil Chimichurri, Basil Vinaigrette, and a Basil Sunflower Pesto to make your meals POP with flavor! We also have a variety of salads with Basil. Our Thai Cucumber salad flew out of the fridge last week, so we have a new batch made with Thai Holy Basil and a sesame dressing. Also coming on strong from our garden are green beans, so we have a Pasta Salad with Green Beans, Snow Peas and Kale tossed in our Basil Vinaigrette. Stop in after picking blueberries at Rush River Produce for a picnic. You might like one of our Roast Beef Sandwiches with Basil, Green Garlic and Lemon Aioli alongside a salad. You might also find a few sweet blueberry treats to nibble on!

Farmhouse Shortcake Bars are back showcasing one of our most locally famous fruits - the BLUEBERRY! Below you will see the fridge lineup. It is likely that new salads will show up as the weekend progresses.

Also making a showing this week are RASPBERRIES. You will find a Mason Jar Raspberry Parfait to cool you down after picking.

Of course, you can amble over to say HELLO to the Hereford Pigs while you munch on your parfait, if you like. Hope to see you out here this weekend!

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