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Exploring Lake Pepin Driftless Wisconsin & What We Have in the FARM STORE.

We've Got You Covered

  1. Organic Straw to mulch your gardens. $5

  2. Firewood (Ash) for next winter. $100 a Face Cord (4' x 8' single layer stack)

  3. Morel Mushrooms. $30 for 1/2 pound

  4. Farmhouse Bars are back! Raspberry Almond Chocolate $4

  5. From-the-farm Balsamic Vinaigrette. Eat your veggies!

Now, let's make a trip to the farm part of a day trip, weekend adventure or a week's vacation! I've got some ideas for you:) And below, info about all sorts of new farmy things in the works. Read on, scroll on, explore.

Face Cord Ash Firewood

Exploring Lake Pepin & Our Driftless Part of Wisconsin

This time of year visitors begin their pilgrimage to our area. They come for the rolling hills, spectacular river, charming small towns, art, wildlife, farms and of course, food! If you're from the city, it might seem like spending time in the country may not offer enough adventure, but if you find the right guides, you'll be able to travel like a local and explore our wonderful backroad gems all while wishing you had more time. There is much to see and do in our neck of the woods both on and off the Great River Road.

Bluffs Above Lake Pepin (AI Image)

When I bought my farm back in 2013 very little information about the area was available. There were a smattering of websites and newsletters, but they weren't always easy to locate. Now, travel information is abundant through social media and old Mr. Google. Still, not always obvious how to find, however. There are a couple of old sites I love and a couple of newbies on the scene doing a great job promoting the this little part of heaven.

Take a look at these links, and please let me know if you've found other wonderful travel sources that pertain to our Lake Pepin/Driftless Wisconsin area.

The River List - Biweekly Local Newsletter

Go Lake Pepin Biweekly Newsletter with a focus on both Wisconsin and Minnesota Lake Pepin events

The West Coast of Wisconsin Bay City to Alma Travel Guide

Travel Wisconsin Website DEEP with fun Wisconsin Travel Ideas

That's my little teaser for you. It's time to start planning to spend a few days out here this summer. Or for you locals who'd like to get out and about a bit... (I'm talking to myself mostly:) The blueberries at Rush River Produce will be ready in 7-8 weeks, the sunflowers at our Lake View Organic Farm will be in full bloom shortly after, and the wild flowers have already begun their grand symphony.

New in the Store

FIRST off, there are MORELS in the store. First Come First Served. This will likely be their last week.

I've been building some delicious new products you will want to check out. I have a new SALAD DRESSING made with a farm brewed balsamic vinegar that is delicious! The Balsamic Vinaigrette is made with our farm-pressed sunflower oil, farm-made balsamic vinegar, and a smidgen of our maple syrup. This is a small batch product that will not last long as I didn't make huge quantities of the balsamic.

I'm moving back into jams as the summer fruit begins to roll through. If you've had any of my fruit concoctions you know I only make odd, unique or somehow interesting blends - no boring gramma jams here. Two in the store this week: Boozy Cran Jam and Strawberry Tart. Don't even ask about my recipes - the ingredients are listed in the store, but there is no way I'm givin' up the goods here for online snoopers lookin' for new ideas! All you need to know, best dang Jam this side of the Mississippi!

Last but not least, lots of you have been clamoring for a taste of my FARMHOUSE BARS. I know, I know, you're wondering what took you so durned long for that treat to make a comeback. I've got nothing but this: I didn't feel like it. I didn't feel like making them again until now! The first FARMHOUSE BARS of the season are Raspberry Almond Chocolate, and I can attest to the fact that they're delicious - especially when cold:)

I've got some FORAGED SPRING HERB FARM TEA in the works in the test kitchen...hopefully I'll have a taste of that ready to go Mother's Day weekend. It's fresh, green and quite tasty.

Last little fun fact I'd like to share...we have an intern for a few weeks! Reilly has been playing farm - helping me through some of the big work and cloud-dodging of Spring. We'll have the greenhouse growing soon with his help...yippee!

How's that for tootin' my own horn? I'm done now. Stop out for a visit.

If you want to arrange to pick up the firewood, text William (715) 222-8234.

Sending Love from the Farm,


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