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Gardening, Graduation & Mama's Day

First off, I have to tell you about the onions! The onions have arrived!!! What's the big whoop about onions you may be wondering? Well, I ordered too many, so we've got some for you in the store. Then you may ask, what's so special about these onions? They're freakin' amazing is what! Absolutely humungous, delicious and everything you want your onions to be. Keep scrolling. It'll get you in the mood to garden!

When I first moved to the neighborhood, Ruth Viste was in charge of the onion order. I had no idea what all the hullabaloo was about when the neighbors started to ask in January if I wanted in on the onion order. With no idea what I was getting myself into I said, "Yes, onions for me, please." Well, let's just say, the onion order remains a highlight of the year, a way to remember Ruth, and to be amazed by what gigantic delicacies this soil can bear.

They come from Dixondale Farms out of Texas. They're little tiny onion slips that you just poke into your prepared soil and watch with amazement! Weed them, top them with compost and you'll have onions for the entire year. They are seriously the best. I've packaged up grab bags each containing nine varieties for a total of 60-70 onions. Planting directions are included. $8. Thanks Ruth Viste RIP, neighbor.

Another fun new treat in the store - "Catch All" Bowls handmade, hand felted wool adorned with a cute planter. Perfect for the bedside, entry or bathroom. Just right for reading glasses, keys, lip balm or spare change - just in time for graduation or Mother's Day:)

New last week to the store Duck Eggs and Gluten Free Triple Chip Cookies. Our delicious sunflower oil is amazing with fried duck eggs - a farm delicacy not to be missed. Stop out.

Sending love from the farm,


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04. Mai

Is there be any creamed honey? We are out and our berries are missing something without the honey drizzle.

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

Sorry no creamed honey at the moment.

Gefällt mir
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