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Updated: Jun 7, 2023

This time of year my cells start screaming, "Give me green!" I need to see green, grow green, be green, and eat green greens! It's a craving so deep, so base, so undeniable. I'm almost tempted to cage our trays of green seedlings as "the can't help its" might just cause me to eat them all before they make it to the greenhouse or gardens! I told Annelie over at Good Turn Farm to watch out for me dressed in a bunny costume! "Next week," she says, "hopefully next week" their hoop houses will have some of this area's first from-the-dirt GREENS! I can't wait! (Yes, we grow vegetables, but not as efficiently (or early) as Annelie and Kevin - a couple of superhero veggie farmers we have around here! Tip Top Farm has a cool farm stand for your summer veggie fix, too!

I'm also a big fan of eating a plant-based diet, but just as we "practice" things like yoga and meditation, becoming a full vegan is something I've practiced and failed at quite regularly. It's such a wonderful way to eat, but in our Standard American Diet (Sad) world, vegetarian or vegan people are left to feel very antisocial! I feel physically and mentally better when I avoid meat, dairy, eggs, gluten (most grains actually), and alcohol, and feel even better when I add a mountain of green leafy to my day. Since partnering up with my Mr. Meat & Potatoes Farm Fare husband, I eat much of what he likes, but I can hear my body telling me to get back on the health kick that used to be a defining factor in my life. A lovely visit with a new friend yesterday - ultra marathoner turned vegan - reminded me of how delicious and satisfying a BIG BOWL of veggies can be! Heck, this condiment queen can make anything taste delicious! (Arrogance will jinx me...!)

FARMHOUSE WORLD KITCHEN - Will be PLANT BASED this Saturday. Try something new or just head out for something hard to find in a Western Wisconsin restaurant! Come satisfy your need for green!

4/8/23 LUNCH BOWL: Mediterranean influenced lemon & sumac herb chickpea and rye berry salad topped with a spring version of Lebanese Fattoush salad, roasted sweet potato and a light lemon sumac sunflower dressing.

The FARM STORE is OPEN DAILY now through December. Stop out for a farm visit, say hi to the ducks and chickens, buy some birdseed for your feeders or a bottle of COWBOY CANDY for your sandwiches or pizza! Of course, if you're thinking GREEN like I am, then come for a bottle of our delicious Maple Mustard Vinaigrette to dress your little leafies!

The Driftless Dirt Farm is on VRBO for short-term seasonal rental if you'd like a farm stay while you visit our beautiful area. Here's the link to the listing.

I hear 70s are in the forecast out here next week - Wow, talk about ephemeral!

Sending love from the farm,


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