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On the Rise

The shelves have risen in the shop, the water has risen with some epic flooding around here on Monday, and COVID-19 is rising in much of the US. The good, the bad and the ugly. I would LOVE for you to come see our new shopping digs, but please know that wearing a mask inside the store will be required until it feels safer. Our customers have been conscientious of keeping a good social distance, and only going into the store one party at a time, so thank you for that. Between your visits, I sanitize shared spaces as best I can. Since COVID-19 numbers are on a general upward trajectory, I am concerned for all of us, and would like to make sure that we slow its spread with the hopes that our healthcare system isn't overwhelmed when we need it most. On that sour note, I am excited to tell you what's new this week!

William's creative energy went to work creating shelves with auger bases he fabricated out of old pieces laying around the farm. The wide lower shelf boards (nearly 18 inches across) are from a cottonwood tree he sawed a few years back in his sawmill, and the upper shelves are some beautiful red elm also cut at home. He's humble, but I am thrilled beyond words about this little farm store! I think he did a fantastic job!

The store is stocked, and there are a few VERY EXCITING new products this week.


One of the lovely things about staying home, is getting the chance to sit by a favorite window to watch the birds at a feeder. We offer two types of birdseed we lovingly refer to as "Chirpy Feeder Bird Bait." We have our black oil sunflowers for all the larger birds like cardinals, bluejays, rose breasted grosbeaks, woodpeckers and others, and our "Wild Seed" which is a blend of wild seeds gathered when screening organic small grains. This wild seed is the favorite food of warblers, goldfinches, indigo buntings and other avian visitors to the feeders. Both of these seeds will attract birds to your yard...unless you have a cat playing catch nearby!


Some silly farm fun not actually from the farm! A treat for the kids while they stand at the gate and watch our cattle on pasture.


We have a new supply of freshly pressed and bottled sunflower oil that would love a ride on your summer salad, grilled veggies or as a butter replacement on a baked potato. This oil has a fantastic nutty flavor that really brings dishes to life, and a list of health benefits that will keep your heart and brain in tip-top shape.


And, back by popular demand ... Kimchi! This one is a SPICY garlic scape kimchi with ginger. It reminds me of Chile Garlic Sauce with a Korean twist. I would try it on pizza, scarf it down with a pile of ramen and fresh veggies, or spoon it over any stir fried rice. This one is a powerhouse of flavor and heat.


And, wow! What a thing our neighbor, Sammy Novek has ventured into. The queen of craft has taken live edge wood to an extreme making gorgeous signs for your home or business. We have a couple of her "Welcome" signs available in our Farm Store, and she would love to work with you to custom create a sign for your needs. You can see more of her work on her Facebook page called "Sammy's Crafts."

We'll be open all weekend Thursday through Sunday 9-5. Look for our new roadside signs on Highway 35 and A, or Google Map us:

N1972 420th Street, Maiden Rock, WI

Hope to see you soon. I'll greet you from a safe distance and be available for questions. My phone number is on the farm store chalkboard if you can't find me. I'm usually not too far away. There's free ice tea or coffee and a seat with a view!

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