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Green is GOOD

The main focus of Lake View Organic Farm is certainly not the vegetable, but we do grow with a selfish focus! Salsa, pizza sauce and HOT crushed pepper flakes are ALWAYS the intent of this gardener. You will find we have tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs, and a variety of hot peppers always growing on our farm to suite those needs. Of course, I love salads so will grow kale, lettuce and cabbages as well.

This time of year, depending on how ambitious we are in the Fall, the garlic scape is often prolific. This year, I didn't have very many because the wedding last summer pooped us out, so our Hemp business partner sent me some scapes from his place, Great River Produce. Now I am pooped out again! We have garlic scapes everywhere! Lucky you, we have Garlic Scape and Mixed Herb Chimichurri and Garlic Scape Maple Salad Dressing in the store this weekend! A HUGE pile of them went into the fermenting crocks for next week's market.

Lots of people have been commenting on the massive amounts of CHAMOMILE that grow along all of our gravel driveways around the farm. It has this lovely pineapple smell when picked and crushed. I decided it was time to do some foraging and make tea. This week we have a Rose Petal, Chamomile, Oregano, Mint TEA sweetened with a bit of STEVIA (a naturally sweet herb). I have read that Oregano tea is great for reducing inflammation and helping with digestive issues. This tea is delicious both hot and cold. I am selling tea infusers to help you manage loose leaf tea as well.

Rose Petal, Chamomile, Oregano, Mint and Stevia - IMMUNITEA

Green is always on parade around here - feel free to walk around and tour the tractors. Maybe I'll even pester William to take the "John Deere Police" out of the shed. When we go cruising in the '66, I like to jokingly issue citations to folks abusing their JD lawnmowers! No crashing into tree branches or driving over extruding roots!


For those of you who have been out here, you know we have free-range chickens. We have noticed that many of you are traveling with your poochies. We don't mind that the dogs visit the farm, but ask that they are on a leash at all times. Most dogs we have met have an instinctual tendency to chase, and if they can, kill chickens. We love our chickens and want to be able to provide eggs to you all.

We are excited to see you this weekend at Lake View Organic Farm! There are lots of new treats in our store for you to discover this week - some of them for the sweet tooth in your family!

We are open Thursday - Sunday 9-5 N1972 420th Street, Maiden Rock, WI

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