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Curious About Duck Eggs?

We've got a very active group of ducks that actually go into the coop at night, and so, for the first time, DUCK EGGS for sale in the store. If you've wanted to try duck eggs, now's your chance!

According to web info I found, duck eggs are higher in protein, antioxidants, Vitamin A and Omega -3 fatty acids than chicken eggs. From my own experience eating them, I'd say, the shells are sort of mottled looking, they're bigger than chicken eggs, the yolks are darker orange, they're somehow creamier and taste great! They like waffles!

The fact that the ducks go into the coop is completely rare at Lake View Farm. We don't fence our ducks or chickens, but leave them to free range as they say. Normally, after a day of foraging, chickens like to roost in their coops at night and return of their own free will when the sun begins to set. Ducks, however huddle together under the yard light or in the middle of one of the drive ways. They're the "sitting ducks" on the farm not protecting themselves from predators.

This group of ducks, a collection we received from a friend after the winter's poultry massacre by a runaway dog, however, began to go into the coop just like chickens when the skies begin to darken. It's like they sensed potential danger on this farm and understood it was a better plan to take cover. After time to forget about danger combined with the pull of green shoots and bugs out in the fields, William has become an after supper duck wrangler the last couple of weeks. When he goes to let them out in the morning, he finds they've laid their eggs overnight leaving us a bit of duck treasure. Access to their eggs won't last forever as summer growth will make it likely impossible to wrangle them safely to the coop. They'll lay their eggs like ducks do, here and there and everywhere, in places more likely to be discovered by raccoons than humans.

For now, we're enjoying the rare occurrence of duck eggs at Lake View!

Sending love from the farm,


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