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Don't Let Your Hobbies Get The BEST of You

Men in the city might be into some new gadget, fancy bike or a certain type of vehicle, but out here, the thing men want is a sawmill. Yep, having a sawmill is all the rage. William got his last year, tapped 260 some trees last week, and this week he's building a SUGAR SHACK! Yes, it's logical that the acquisition of a sawmill would lead to tapping A LOT of trees for a guy doing it all the old-fashioned way...hand-tapped, hand-collected, a hand-built sugar shack...mmm hmmm.

We have LOTS of woodland on our properties and around us, so it's not uncommon for folks to harvest periodically. Wisconsin offers a tax reduction program for those using sustainable forestry and harvesting practices, so we see quite a few loggers in our area in the winters. Our neighbors participate in the forestry tax reduction gig so were required to have their property logged this winter. They had a sizable harvest, and also ended up with quite a few cull logs (logs harvested that turned out unsuitable for sale). With a Sugar Shack in his dreamhouse, William was excited to make a work trade for some of the cull logs. Not only does the man have a sawmill, but a shop big enough to build a building inside! That's how they roll out here West Coast Wisconsin way!

This sweet shack isn't old school mortise and tenon as modern day screws are handy little helpers - he's got enough work hauling big trees around, sawing out the boards and building the durned thing. One thing is for sure, despite suffering a few achy muscles, the man is enjoying this project and bringing his design to fruition. Every time I see it, I joke that it will make a great guest cottage! As we face the slippery, muddy, slushy reality of collecting sap from 260 taps, I'm worried our hobbies have gotten out of hand. I'm tired just watching!

The building will need to be pulled out of the shop for the final roof to be built as it includes an elevated cupola with hinged vents for steam release. There's always work around here!


The Farmhouse World Kitchen in Plum City has been hosting Lake View Organic Farm Saturday Winter Markets the last couple months. At this point in time, providing we don't have some sort of crazy storm or nasty cold, we plan to open the Farm Store on the farm on Saturday, April 1st and follow our "OPEN DAILY" schedule through late Fall. The Plum City location will also be open Saturday, April 1st offering our farm store line of products and a bit of food. It is likely at this time that we will continue to sell our products at both locations, but as The Plum City building is still FOR SALE, our plans could change quickly if we get an offer. Do you know of anyone who might want to take over a gorgeous old bank building for food, art or some other sort of fun? We'd love to give you a tour of the place!

Sending love from the farm,


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