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Destination: Pierce and Pepin Counties Real Estate Tour

Here's a travel itinerary for those of you contemplating a life change, new chapter or big adventure! We've got buildings for sale out here that need impassioned excited buyers!

As many of you know, the old bank building at 401 Main Street that houses my Farmhouse World Kitchen is FOR SALE in Plum City. A pacemaker "broken" heart, made me realize that I don't have the power to keep a day-to-day restaurant up and running, so we listed the building in August knowing that small-town properties can sometimes sit on the market for awhile. I'm a real estate junkie, so I tend keep my eye on real estate listings in the area just for fun. In a recent survey, I was blown away by what's available here! There are some seriously amazing, once in a lifetime opportunities for folks who may be interested in a new adventure out this way.

The Great River Road, and all the small towns along it in our area, have received a number of accolades this year. Stockholm has been in the news quite a lot lately for its pie and coziness. Pepin is on the map for having a marina, wine and the Harborview Cafe, and all of these other small towns are in the heart of one of America's next great tourist destinations. Pierce and Pepin Counties are Door County in the making, mark my word.

Over the last 50 years, this area has drawn the attention of artists, entrepreneurs and city transplants looking for a simpler life. Those folks who arrived in the 70s, 80s and 90s started businesses out here, and put us on the map for art, culture and food. Now, attention is increasing as folks take note of our natural beauty, agritourism experiences, wine, galleries, shops and all sorts of other charming and cozy things.

Yes, we suffer a few growing pains, but most noticeable right now is a generational transition as retirement is closing the doors to some of our most beloved businesses and experiences. Fantastic properties like those listed below only come along once in a lifetime!

If you love this area and have business ideas, please consider a visit. We are a kind community excited to support our small town businesses, and would love to see these buildings filled with the same kind of creative energy that launched them in the first place.

401 Main Street Plum City is getting two new retail neighbors in a previously empty building!

Below is a list of commercial properties excited to meet new ambitious and passionate owners! Could that be you? Click the links to open the full listing on Edina Realty.

404 Main Street Plum City An old Plum City State Bank that once housed a bakery and gift shop.

600 Main Street Plum City You want to run the gas station and grocery store

401 Main Street, Plum City (This one is mine:)) If you're a chef in the market for a GORGEOUS old bank turned farm-to-table restaurant, this one is for you!

124 Pine Ave. E, Plum City Maybe you want to start the next Liquor Lyle's!

N3939 150th Street, Plum City Start your own boarding stables or go big farming!

203 W Prospect Street, Durand We could use a vet who focuses on small pets.

216 W Main Street, Durand Here's a bakery on the river's edge. Neapolitan pizzas would be a great option!

415 3rd Street, Pepin Everybody out here will tell you they want a great coffee shop!

400 1st Street, Pepin Short term rentals, event space, restaurant, gallery, lots of potential.

W12266 King Lane, Stockholm Apple orchard, vineyard, winery anyone?

N2049 Spring Street, Stockholm A sweet gallery or short term rental.

N2055 Spring Street, Stockholm Who doesn't want lake views?

N2048 Spring Street, Stockholm Another fantastic space for a gallery, design studio or food

Also for sale The Journey Inn located at W3671 200th Ave, Maiden Rock. Their property is not presently listed on the MLS, but you can contact them through their website or (715) 448-2424.

Of course, as you take this self-guided real estate tour, also stop by the farm store for some SUNFLOWER OIL or other sundries! We're open daily through December 18th 9-5.

Sending love from farmlandia!


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Dec 13, 2022

Great promo, Sarah!!

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