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Curiosity Killed the Cat

Our best hunter, hunkered down under the chicken trailer coop eying the new chickies was wondering if they might be as delicious as they look! As they made their debut into this brave new world this week, Tommy Tom was certainly on the prowl, and got a couple of Farmtress Flossy Scoldings, "Don't you even think about it!" He cowered and went into stealth mode.

The day after this photo was taken, I went to open the main chicken coop door and this guy was the first one out limping away in a flash. His chicken curiosity led him to inspect the big coop right before getting closed up for the night and I suspect the old hens showed him who's boss! He's leaving well enough alone and is back to hunting mice, ground squirrels and small birds.

My ear for language is always peaked here on the farm. William has a way with words reminiscent of days gone by. How we use our "Mother Tongue" defines us, dates us, shows our influences and even heritage. If you listen carefully, you can learn a lot about a person by their language usage. You can also learn to speak their language!

Writers do this all the time, they read other writers to study the art of writing, but also to learn another language, in a sense. When reading a great writer, you may find yourself shifting into their register or code and begin to speak a different way. You may find you use different vocabulary, shift syntax, or develop a new rhythm to your speech.

Here on the farm, I have learned a few fun expressions that have given me insight into this man, this land and this culture in which I have become immersed.

Once a guy gets onto it...

Yes, it's a man's world out here, but at least they understand that with practice anything is possible. This expression is used to suggest that with a little practice, a person could learn to drive a skid steer or understand the tensioner in a new baler.

That ______ is stout!

Here we are talking onions or radishes.

"It's hot enough to fry spit!"

For female reference, my mom always said, "It's colder than a witches tit (in a cast iron bra) in January."

You may deduce that someone who comments on spit may do it quite often, and perhaps chews snuff - the cause of said fried sputum!

And then we have those funny ways with words that are intended for a mature audience...

That'll put lead in your pencil. Too bad that doesn't do me any good. I don't have anybody to write to!

And when your friend complains about how worried they are about their daughter and her wiley behavior, here's what they say out here...

If you have a boy, you only have to worry about one pickle. If you have a girl, you have to worry about the whole jar!

So clever. So fun!


Come eSCAPE to the farm, is what I say! The garlic scapes are in. These garlicky little floret delicacies of the garlic plant must be cut off so plant energy can be used for bulb formation before we dig it all up in a couple of weeks. If you enjoy cooking, you know these spiral beauties are great grilled, sauteed or steamed. They also make great sandwich spread, hummus and additions to salads. You will find it all in the store this week.

I'm also really excited about our fresh fruit PALETAS! Think popsicle with big chunks of fresh fruit and unique flavors. We have a Strawberry Coconut and Blueberry Ginger Lemon.

I've been having fun with herbal teas, too. We have three blends in the store that are all great for summer iced tea. Fill a pitcher with a couple of infusers and plop it in the fridge to cold steep. Easy peasy and oh so refreshing.

The gardens are giving, the store is CHOCK FULL of farm-fresh goodness, and I'd love to see you out here this weekend.

Eavesdropping on every word, and sending love from the farm,


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