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Cherries and Chores

Our SOUR CHERRIES are in, and boy, the fridge full of cherry surprises! Our most decadent treat is an Amaretto & Basil Cocktail Cherry. If you're not into fancy cherry adorned cocktails, try this on a soft cheese (think Goat or Gorgonzola), on yogurt or ice cream. Decadent and delicious! We also paired sour cherries with habaneros, onions and green garlic for a sweet and fiery salsa to top your carne asada or al pastor tacos this week. Roll that grill into the shade and get to it!

Lake View Farm has lots of new buddies! Yesterday ELEVEN new calves came to live with us, so our work load has increased for awhile. Some of the calves are still on bottles, but a few are onto pails - easier feeding. The calves are near the store, so you can check them out if you like. They're super cute and super kid friendly at this time. Apparently, we scored two sets of "Free Martin" twins. When a female is twin to a male in the world of cattle, she is most often infertile because of the sharing of hormones in the uterus.

About a month ago we expanded our flock of chickens. We have 30 new Silver Laced Wyandottes that are almost ready to venture out of their portable chicken coop. It'll be fun to see them out roaming the lawn in the next few days.

Rush River Produce is officially open for BLUEBERRY picking starting tomorrow, July 9th from 8-2. There are lots of goodies in our fridge at the farm store if you want to picnic after you pick. We will have a variety of TO-GO salads, sandwiches and sweet treats in addition to all of our other culinary surprises for your plate and pantry. For those of you who passed our beautiful fields of sunflowers last summer, the OIL is in, and it is nutty delicious!

OTHER NEW ITEMS: Lemon Sun Salad Dressing, Raspberry Tea sweetened with Stevia, Sour Cherry & Vanilla Mason Jar Dessert, and more.

Our Farm Store will be open Thursday-Sunday from 9-5.

COVID CAUTION: Masks are required while in the store, but with social distance observed, masks are not required outside. Thanks for taking care of each other!

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