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We are William and Sarah Brenner. William has been on this organic farm all his life. Before him, his parents and grandparents ran the land. We grow row crops, hay, straw, and some vegetables. We also raise beef, press sunflower oil and dabble in any other thing that seems interesting. We love cooking for others, and enjoying old-fashioned farm hospitality.



We run a self-serve farm market providing unique, seasonal and delicious farm products. Our store overlooks the gorgeous Lake Pepin Valley, so not only can you procure fresh-from-the-farm products, enjoy the nostalgia of big old barn farming, but also find peace from our challenging times in an escape to the natural beauty of Driftless Wisconsin.



Text Only 612.619.1226


TEXT is best 715-222-8234 


Bringing your poochie to the FARM?

We don't mind as long as they are on a leash at all times. We have an off-leash friendly dog and our chickens are free-range. Many dogs are unfamiliar with chickens, so get very excited when they see them, and will sometimes chase and kill chickens. We want to increase our flock and egg production. Thanks for understanding.

The New Old-Fashioned Way



Lake View Organic Farm

N1972 420th St. Maiden Rock, WI 

open DAILY 9-5 March through December.

Lake View Organic Farm is located on the bluffs above Lake Pepin and the Rush River Valley in the Driftless area of Western Wisconsin. We are not far off Wisconsin's Great River Road National Scenic Byway 35 that winds along the Mighty Mississippi for 250 miles of breathtaking scenery. We are an hour from Minneapolis/St. Paul making for an easy day-trip destination. Find our store right next to the big red barn that says, "LAKE VIEW"  - follow our signs off Great River Road 35 and County Road A, or use Google Maps to find us. We're just around the corner from the famous "Blueberry Farm," Rush River Produce. Google Maps work best in our area. Mobile users find our maps on CONTACT page with link above.









If you need any of our more farmy products that require big movers, machinery or muscles, text William to place your order

and arrange pickup. (715) 222-8234

Put a little farm in your life...

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Farms are by nature seasonal. Sometimes what we have for sale is available year round, but many of our products come and go as quickly as a rainstorm. We hope you will make our farm a frequent stop on your regular route of shopping organic, local and seasonal.

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