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Passing The Baton

When I was on my middle school track team, I loved the 400 relay. There was something about the energy of a combined group of runners each representing individually for the whole that just thrilled me. I never ran the anchor leg as I was not the fastest, but was usually positioned first or second as a strong leader.

I now find myself in a similar situation passing the baton of life to a partner on the team. I am thrilled to watch as the next leg of this venture unfolds!

401 Main Street in Plum City has officially sold. Yes, The Farmhouse World Kitchen is no more, and I have to say, in looking back, I am incredibly proud of what I accomplished in my leg of the race. I had the vision and belief that an old bank in a small town would be the perfect place for a gorgeous restaurant. My renovation brought a classy touch, life and joy to a room that was once dark, dingy, and neglected. And, I had the chance to fulfill a dream to open and run a restaurant (if only for a brief moment). This was a grueling project for me in so many ways, but I can look back now with immense gratitude for the wisdom it brought me.

I am very proud to introduce Dave Kerr as the next chef taking the baton in the project that is 401 Main Street. Dave is from Ellsworth (a town with a long history of raising some of the world's most creative, ambitious and successful people) and has been cooking fine food in many successful restaurants over the course of his career. Dave not only brings culinary skills to the kitchen, but his young son, Wyatt will also join him as a rising star following in his father's footsteps. Behind the scenes, Dave's wife Amy will manage the books, and two younger children may one day also be helping out. This family team is well-poised for success!

As I catch my breath and stretch after the run, I turn my attention and watch with great anticipation. Team Kerr, I am behind you all the way, cheering louder than the rest, and looking forward to dining as a guest in Plum City's new restaurant!

What's next for me, you might wonder? I don't know for sure, but you can bet I have a few ideas! In the meantime, I'll focus my energies on the Farm Store and work on plans for the next chapter. Stay tuned:)

Sending love from the farm,


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Oct 09, 2023

Wonderful news for everyone! Look forward to tasting Chef Dave's delights.


In Judaism, we say "L'dor v'dor" ...from generation to generation ...with that chapter now closed, may you be able to devote your full attention toward writing a new chapter in your life journey that further fulfills your new dreams and aspirations. You have much to be proud of, and much to look foward to! (I, personally, look forward to following your journey!)


So happy for you! You turned a sow's ear into a silk purse and it's good to know that your dreams and vision will carry forward in someone's capable hands. You can now turn your incredible energy and imagination in new directions. Onward!!


Oct 07, 2023

That is absolutely fantastic!!!! Congratulations to all!!

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