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Nifty Gifties

It must be the weather because it is only September, and I am thinking about the winter holidays! The weekend weather out here at the farm looks perfect for doing a little gifty gathering! I can see a lovely arrangement of farm goodies stuffed into a pretty basket for someone on your list who loves LOCAL, FARM, & HEALTHY.

Let's are a few suggestions:

For someone in your life who might like to relax I would suggest a CBD bath bomb, massage butter and a little CBD joint to enjoy after the soak in the tub.

Of course, a fun bong from a local head shop with some CBD bud might make for a fun shopping and gift-giving experience! Try filling the bong with a brew of minty "Farm Tea" for a unique smoke.

For that loved-one on your list with chronic pain, anxiety or sleep issues, set them up with some CBD oil and a body balm or two.

We could all use a massage these days. There is nothing better than our massage butter for soothing, spreadable CBD coverage.

Our sunflower oil soaps would make a cute little sweet smelling splash in someone's soap dish for a cheerful reminder of summer!

Our "Farm Tea" is just what you will want when the cold winter days set in. This is a lovely, fresh blend of mint, chamomile, nettles, rose hips, stevia and hibiscus flowers for color and tang. We also have tea infusers for easy tea-making.

And for the CULINARY CUTIE in your life who needs good on-hand seasoning mixes, we have Taco Seasoning, Chili Mix, and Wicked Hot to jazz up winter meals. I also have some crazy-fun blends for topping veggies, adding to soups, or sprinkling on popcorn. My Za'atar rendition is called "Wisca'atar" - a blend of seeds and herbs from the garden, and "Farmdouvan" a local version of Vadouvan, a French/Indian Curry blend, will add depth of flavor to mashed potatoes, sauteed brussels sprouts or even pizza! You'll like it.

Besides gifty goodies on the shelves this weekend, we also have the fridge and freezer stocked with soups and sauces to enjoy in the coming days. A special treat this week is Butter Caramel for those Fall Apples!

We're open Thursday-Sunday 9-5 Hope to see you!



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