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May I Introduce You

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Boy, has this guy been getting attention lately! Lots of you have been asking about the cat. He showed up at Lake View Organic Farm a few years back, beat away all the other tom cats and made himself right at home. At first we were a little irritated with him, but over time, he has grown on us. He is a great farm store mascot, super friendly to the point of being annoying, and quirky. If you wear sandals, he'll want to nibble on your toes for some strange reason!

He's had lots of names since he showed up on the farm. For awhile we called him "Somebody's Cat" because he's no feral cat, that's for sure. I called him Comb Over, William called him Grocery Bag and for awhile when he was beating up the other cats we called him Assocat. At some point William decided the cat was home and started calling him Homer. That's the name that stuck, although he can still be quite the pest. If you visit the store, he'll certainly come to say hi. Either snuggle him up or ignore his advances, but whatever you do, PLEASE DON'T LET HIM IN THE FARM STORE! Thanks.


Saturday, May 13th, Lake View Organic Farm will once again be at the Farmhouse World Kitchen with a farmer's market from 11-3. Plum City Hardware is hosting their 3rd annual Mother's Day Event and we have new neighbors gearing up for a grand opening of their store, The Wildflower. In addition to Lake View Organic Farm, we have other vendors joining us for the day! It'll be a fun day for everyone!


Weather and water seem to dominate our lives the last week or so. It should be that time of year when planting happens, but around here, it has just been too cold and now, too wet. I've been dabbling with the vegetable gardens, but the fields are waiting. It's just too wet to be in them yet. Perhaps next week.

Sending love from the verdant hay and rye fields!


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