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Love Notes and Scratch Paper

We closed down the store for the 2021 season and cleared everything out to winterize. This morning I had the chance to go back through one of the notebooks we leave at the checkout stand to use as scratch paper. Because we run on the "honor shop" model, folks are compelled to record their purchases and often leave little notes of joy, thanks and love - what a fun thing to see especially as we are also "self-serve," so often miss seeing each of you when you visit. It's really nice to see these messages of love!

Thank you ALL for supporting this new adventure. We had very different experiences each of our two seasons, and are looking forward to what our third will deliver. We're going to take a break this winter, look for some inspiration and see what creative endeavors might evolve for the next FARM STORE season 2022!

As some of you know, we left Facebook, but apparently still have an instagram account. I am not proficient with Instagram, so rarely check my messages. Maybe when we reopen in April I'll practice and get better! In the meantime, please contact us through the website "contact" page via email - or text/call William if you have a winter order of grains, hay, or straw. The store may be closed for awhile, but the farm never stops!

As always, I'm sending love from the farm!

Sarah Brenner

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03 Νοε 2021

We look forward to your third season also.

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