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Do you Tea Time on the Flyway?

This week, with all of these April showers sure to bring May flowers, I decided it was time to dig into my bags of dried herbs and flowers from last summer's gardens and start blending a new FARM TEA for the store. I love the look of pretty little chamomile and rose petals and thought, in addition to making delicious tea, they would look interesting sprinkled on a lemon scented sugar cookie bar. Not only do they look unique, but the smell of them is divine! Yes, they are for sale in the store this weekend (Easter Day as well). You'll also find our new FARMuniTEA that came of blending and taste-testing yesterday.


I still can't believe this is happening, but William and I are buying a building in Plum City for a restaurant! Our closing date is April 29th and hope to open sometime in May. I've been busy writing a business plan, setting up all the business entity stuff, menu planning, researching and pinching myself here and there to make sure this is all real! I know, lots of you probably think I'm crazy diving into such a big undertaking, but it's my dream come true. There are three things that have always been driving forces in my life: 1) Making food for other people 2) Exploring food and 3) Hosting and entertaining. Between the farm and the restaurant, I think all of the pieces might actually be falling into place! The other driving force in my life has been architecture and design, so I couldn't be more thrilled with the honor of continuing the preservation of this old bank building. This project ticks all the boxes on the "Right Up My Alley" list!


I have created a list on our Products Page of the items we carry in the store. At the top of that page is a section that includes whatever is new each week. I'll try to keep it updated - I see that you all appreciate knowing what we offer.

It doesn't look to be a particularly lovely Spring weekend, but at least we don't have two feet of snow to dig through! The maples might have one last push this week with temps dipping below freezing overnight, the rye fields are greening up and the Mississippi Flyway is very busy with all sorts of unique bird sounds and sightings. Pack some binoculars in the car and head our way!

Sending love from the farm,


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