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Sunflower Oil

Our Signature Farm Product

Cold-Pressed Organic

Maple Sun Salad Dressing

House blend made with our own sunflower oil, syrup, mustard and apple-cider vinegar.

Fresh Eggs

Organic Free-Range  - Only a few dozen each week - sorry.


Hand-harvested, Wood-fired


Organic Full-spectrum Cold-Pressed with our Sunflower Oil 900 mg and 1400 mg 

1 oz.       


Local beeswax, our sunflower oil and CBD oils. 


  • Gardener's Blend with Lemon Eucalyptus & Peppermint

  • Warming Cassia for sore joints

  • "Naked" No essential oils 

Farm Treats

Each week there will be new seasonal products. Look to our "Farm News" page for details.




STRAW for mulching garden beds or bedding animals.

$6 per square bale.


HAY for animal feed horses, goats, sheep 

$6 per square bale. $75 large round.


BUCKWHEAT SEED for cover crops, pollinators or weed suppression.

$13 for 50lb.


OATS for horse feed, chicken feed, cover-crops or weed suppression.

$8 for 50lb


SUNFLOWER SEEDS for birdseed, chicken/animal feed or garden beauty.

Small bag $10 for 15 lb.


NOTE: 2020 brought an early winter storm that caused sunflower crop loss. This year, we will only sell seeds for birds in small quantities to ensure enough seed for our sunflower oil.


ANIMAL FEED - a hammer milled blend of organic corn and barley made for energy and nutrition needs of your backyard chickens, sheep, goats or cattle.

$15 for 50 lb.


CORN for animal feed or food plots to attract deer to your yard.


$8 per 15 lb.

Sold Out


Tractor Repair

Machinery Repair


Tire Repair

Skid Loader Work

Bulldozer Work

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