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Bringing the Mission Style Burrito to Western Wisconsin and a Couple of Questions

Western Wisconsin traffic jam on the way to get some burritos.

Back in the 1960s, in the Mission district of San Francisco, the big silo sized burrito was born. This baby was designed to fill an empty tummy, the tortilla was huge and steamed, included rice and beans (not just meat and cheese) and was wrapped in aluminum foil for a hand-held advantage. A variety of salsas, sauces, cheeses, fresh veggies and a squeeze of lime brought it to life.

Where I grew up in Minnesota, I was introduced to this culinary delight in 1985 when a couple of our local sweethearts decided to return home after living in San Francisco, and to my delight, they brought the burrito concept with them. They opened in a tiny space selling just burritos, but expanded years later and eventually sold the restaurant to an employee. Bravo Burrito still lives in St. Cloud, MN, but it has evolved over time to include Mexican foods as well. I instantly fell in love with Bravo Burrito, its juicy salsas, succulent Beef Colorado and all of the other fillings.

I've enjoyed burritos through San Francisco's Mission, while living in Albuquerque and across the States, but to date, the only burrito that can compare to my favorite Bravo Burrito comes out of an old bank in Western Wisconsin! It's true!

I learned a few tricks from all the Bravo Burritos I consumed and a few ideas about what NOT to do from the big burrito players in the world. In my opinion, it's a lot about the salsa. These big burritos are best when juicy, so I believe all of the salsas should be included. Don't be a chicken when it comes to something labeled "hot!" It's great to enjoy a capsaicin cleanse! Another important thing is that the rice needs to be curiously seasoned. We dive deep to flavor our rice at FWK. First and foremost, we use the already flavorful jasmine rice, toast it in coconut oil and season it with freshly ground coriander. I agree. I am biased, but would argue until I'm blue in the face that Farmhouse World Kitchen's burritos can hold a candle to the best. Bragging rights, please forgive me this digression and lack of humility! Okay enough about that. Next...


Well, I had hoped that a pacemaker would give me some sort of bionic energy, but for some dang reason it gave me high blood pressure that has caused all sorts of funkiness. I am tired, I'm grumpy about it all and feeling a little depressed in the face of such abrupt aging. I always figured I cruise along, healthy until I reached 86 or so when I would just fall asleep one night and not wake up. Isn't that everyone's dream? But, my reality is that I am not able to continue right now with the gusto I had a few weeks back, I have to take lots of naps, pace myself and heal. Yes, there are doctor appointments in my future as we work to figure out what is wrong with the ticker.


Here's the deal. I've watched real estate in Plum City for the last nine years and know that a property like this could very well be on the market for many years. I listed the place as part of planning for my future. My intention was always to run the restaurant for 8-10 years and that may still be the case! In the meantime, it's a growing business in a gorgeous building, so as long as I have the energy, I'll be there with my burritos and farm fare.

I enjoy my burrito without the tortilla "Bowl It!" style, so I can admire its inner beauty! Look at those gorgeous Ecuadorian Pickled Red Onions! Delicious.

We're open Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. Google us at Farmhouse World Kitchen. See you soon!

Sending love from the farm,


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