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A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Isabel Subtil, photographer extraordinaire, caught me in a moment of "I'll be damned." Actually, I think she said something like, "give me a little sass," and I delivered! There are so many mixed emotions floating around my head as I look out over the new dining room, cook, prep and teach (all my new staff were previous students!) in the kitchen, and wonder at how in the world this all came to be.

I have never honestly been more exhausted in my life, but I do believe that the hardest part is coming to its end. Now, the task as hand is to 1) continue to train my new staff 2) find some head space for creativity, and pick up the neglected pieces of life I've laid aside since closing on this building on April 29th.

Thank you to everyone who came out in support of this new venture. I owe a ton of gratitude to the town of Plum City for their encouragement and support, my friends and family who lent a hand and cheered me on with many a worried grimace, my Sweet William husband who managed to make all kinds of renovating magic happen in between planting crops and cutting hay. Last weekend I invited a support staff to back me up. Peter Carr from Ellsworth helped out with our first "Farm Supper" special of pork tenderloin, my brother Theo took up the reigns on Friday, and my son, Max was here Saturday as my favorite side kick of all!

It was great fun to meet lots of new people last weekend as well as to host old friends who came from far and wide to see what this Farmhouse World Kitchen is all about. Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement. Hopefully I can return the sentiment with some delicious food!

William has the farm all tidied up, the barn painted a fresh coat of red and he's pondering second crop hay. The farm store has goodies, the views are gorgeous, and of course, blueberry picking is happening with our neighbors at Rush River Produce. Call them to find out the berry picking forecast for later this week. If they have berries to pick, they're open Th-Su.

Sending love from Fransconsin Farmlandia!


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