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Winter Concerto I've Got the Solo

Yes, winter entered Fransconsin in its first concerto movement with slow discordant flurries that dusted our just-fallen maple leaves laying face up on the ground, in fact, still warm from the sun of a couple days back. Now, in all its glory, the icy soloist reminds us of his unending talents as we watch snow gloriously pile up on tree branches and boughs, and we hide inside in front of the fire knowing the roads are impassable and slick.

We had a remarkable Autumn with the most spectacular not-quite-three-week window of jaw dropping color and contrasts. And just like that, we find ourselves out of flip flops and into boots with socks, out of t-shirts and into under layers, sweaters and heavy coats, and indoors where it's warm and cozy. But... I am hoping to give you a few reasons to head our way this weekend. THE STORE IS FULL OF NEW GOODIES!

First, you'll notice our new logo, signage, and labels! A big thanks to my good friend, Dan Adamson creative extraordinaire and co-founder of Farm Boy Brand. The store is more visible now as you drive in with the new signage, and our in-store labels much more comprehensive. Now, we've got a logo that will endure and lead the way as we continue to develop this crazy Lake View Organic Farm Brand!


I have to tell you, the colors outside the store may be white for a day or two, but inside, it looks like VALENTINE'S DAY! This week's food items came up on the pink and orange spectrum. From the garden: red onions, habaneros, pumpkin, kale, green and purple cabbage, white onions, and garlic.

Here's the line up:


This vinaigrette is the result of test-kitchen mishap. Turns out pickled cranberries don't need salt like a pickle brine, so a batch of these pickles demanded a rebrand. Tangy cranberries infused in a sweet spiced apple cider vinegar evolved into this week's dressing. Here you have a luscious pink dressing made with Pickled Cranberries, Sunflower Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Maple syrup. Pretty and pink!


These pickled red onions are one of my favorite condiments in the world. Eat them with a black bean and rice burrito bowl, a chicken taco or on a plate of enchiladas. In Ecuador they were often served alongside a bowl of soup or a rice dish with meat. They add a lime salt pop to any hearty winter dish.


This sauce is SPICY and so flavorful, not just HOT like some sauces these days. We like the habanero for its flavor, but add in a few other secret peppers, onions and garlic to tone it down and add flavor. Try this on eggs or a potato, cheese and black bean breakfast burrito.


This soup will warm you up both in heat and spice. This is a rich creamy squash soup given a burst of flavor with Thai Curry and fresh ginger. To tame the spiciness, serve alongside a bowl of jasmine rice and sprinkle with roasted nuts or seeds.


I'm calling this "salad" because I left the signature Korean Pepper out of this kimchi. Instead, added to the kimchi crowd of fermented cabbage, ginger, garlic and green onions, is a dash of sesame oil. Eat it as a condiment on any rice dish, use it in a stirfry, or eat it as a salad. It's healthy, fresh and delicious!

There are a couple of soups stocked in the freezer. We have a very tasty Lima Bean Chili and Tuscan White Bean Chowder with Kale and Parmesan to enjoy for a quick and hearty lunch.

We hope to keep the store open through the first week in December. We did realize that our road signs will need to be redesigned as frozen ground prohibits our stomp-in signs. We may not be using much signage, but rest assured, we'll be open Thursday through Sunday

9-5. Hope you can make it out for a few farm goodies!

Stay warm. Stay safe. Live with Laughter.

Sarah Brenner

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