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What's in the Bowl?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023


Since I'm the blog writer, you can probably tell that I'm focused on the food aspect of our enterprise, but a lot has been happening with William on the farm that isn't so much my focus as of late. Sorry Sweet William!

He just wrapped up the 2023 maple season. Yesterday we bottled the last batch. A few days ago he pulled the new sugar shack around back (it's on skids), cleaned up all the pails, pans and tanks and shut the doors on that project until next March. The wood piles from both cutting lumber and maple cooking are getting cleaned up and the main yard is looking much more tidy.

It's still too wet for him to get in the fields, so he's taken to sorting metal and will likely take a load off to the recycling facility one of these days. Yes, this farmer also "farms" and recycles metal! If you've been to Lake View Farm, you've maybe seen his "Scrap Metal" sign on the dumpster in front of the shop, the big roll-off dumpsters out back or just the piles of metal that show up here and there when folks do a drop. He's been doing this most of his life during the off-season. It's well known around here that if you have something metal to get rid of, William Brenner will take it.

I don't play the sort metal game as tidy bug Flossy gets a little OCD with the piles on his place, so I focus on Farm Store and Farmhouse World Kitchen food! Oh, and I start seedlings for our future gardens!

While William sorts metal and moves piles of lumber around, I've been having fun coming up with worldly ideas to put in a bowl! Last week's Korean Fried Chicken gave me the opportunity to test a gluten free scallion pancake, to work with deep frying, and to have a little fresh (harvested the day before) veggie goodness to offer. So many things that make the body and taste buds and cook happy (and a wee bit stressed out all that testing)!

For those of you who check in with what I am doing only here and there, you might be wondering, What's with the bowls - why everything in a bowl? Why only one item on the menu? Well, that stems from recognizing that lots of folks enjoy grab-n-go, it was a good fit when I added some of our farm market items to the Farmhouse World Kitchen, and my need to run the place without staff to keep the costs at a manageable level. Little by little I've been segueing back into offering a bit of service and that means folks get to see pretty food on white bowls! Of course, my sturdy compostable bowls are cool too and very easy to pop in the microwave to reheat later. You just don't get the same visual delight as you do in the dining room...remember how pretty it is?

And, perhaps you are asking, why only one day a week? I keep toying with the idea to open for a few more days, but each time I think I have enough energy to make that happen, my body sends out a little reminder that I don't have the stamina I once had. I'm so torn, really loving that my life-long dream to own a restaurant is now a reality, but frustrated because I don't have the energy to make it what it could be. While I am immensely happy running the place most of the time, I do wish a buyer would come along. This little project could be so cool with the right team at the helm. If you know of someone who dreams of small town life, please feel free to share the real estate link with anyone you think might be interested. I'm open to offers and/or ideas.


It looks like we're back into cold and blustery for awhile, so it's the perfect time to bring back a couple of hearty soups. This week's menu is inspired by SPAIN! I'll be serving up a vegetarian/vegan Caldo Madrilena (Garbanzo Bean Soup with a little hint of paella flavors), and Paella Stew for those who eat sausage, chicken and shrimp. Both soups will be served over arborio rice for a warm satisfying meal.

For those of you going through COWBOY CANDY withdrawal, I've got your cravings covered. This new batch is bottled and ready for you both in the Farm Store and the market at the Kitchen. I used the last of our peppers, so there won't likely be more Cowboy Candy until the 2023 peppers are ready to harvest. Right now they are in seedling trays excited to go into the greenhouse in a month or so.

TWO COOKIES OF THE WEEK - Coconut Chocolate Almond Macaroons and Double Chocolate. Also available: Old-Fashioned Molasses, Chocolate Chip, Honey Lemongrass, and Oatmeal Cranberry.


If it needs to be refrigerated, like Harissa, salad dressings, eggs, etc., you will find those products at the farm store. I will try to keep a good selection of all of our products at both places, but as warmer weather approaches, refrigerated items will be on the farm. Also in the Farm Store - SOUP! There are a few varieties in the freezer for heating up later for a fast easy meal.

And, don't forget, we've got ORGANIC STRAW for MULCHING your GARDEN. We've got lots of it. In fact, William lowered the price from $6 a bale last year to $5 a bale this year! It's not often that we see prices dropping these days! If you need straw, text William with your order (715) 222-8234. Let him know who you are, how many bales you need and when you'd like to pick it up. Easy peasy.

Stop out for a bowl of yum Saturday 10-2:30 at the Farmhouse World Kitchen 401 Main Street, Plum City! Bring a friend, enjoy the dining room, have a glass of Spanish wine, a nice microbrew or cream soda. I've got a lovely Spanish playlist cued up to help take you on a little mini vicarious vacation.

Take good care.

Sending love from Farmlandia Fransconsin,


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