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What I LOVE this week & FARM STORE Grand Opening

I can't even begin to explain my excitement about about this store! This project represents the culmination and my love of food, farming and hosting. I suppose a picture of me jumping up and down with an ecstatic craze in my eye might get the point across better than this sedate photo of the store and radishes, but I'm hoping the photo backdrop will remind you to stop by to see our work!

EXPANDING HOURS: This weekend we'll be open 9-5 BOTH Saturday and Sunday. Starting Thursday, June 18th, we'll be open four days a week Th-Su 9-5 each day.

Stop by for a farm store tour, a cup of coffee, a little ice tea and a sit to enjoy the views!

LOVE in the time of CORONA: There is lots of space to maintain healthy social distance. I do recommend bringing a mask in case your visit overlaps with another's.

William's sister, Colleen, sent me this photo of their parents, Leroy and Dianne out and about on the tractor. You can be sure, I will get that same photo with William and I if we ever have a minute together!

This photo was sent to me this week by one of our customers (lucky enough to score eggs in the first place) who found a heart-shaped double yoked egg! Love on Lake View Farm!

This little guy has been filling my days with so much laughter and joy! Henry hangs out with me for a few hours each day and to see the farm through his eyes is magical.

To my sheer delight, "Desperation Dairy" delivers on her rocket four-wheeler zooming into the driveway with her yogurt for us every weekend! Such a cool cat!

And last, here is a taste of an herbed cream cheese that will be available at the Barn Door's Open Farm Store at Lake View Farm this weekend. There is so much to LOVE this week!

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