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Watch Your Step

There is A LOT going on out here on the farm despite the very crappy weather! William has been feeling very boxed in unable to get outside to take care of things that should be getting done by now. But, despite Mother Nature's recent fury, we are hopeful... and taking advantage of some inside time.

FARM STORE Under Construction and Open

Yesterday the sun peaked out for a moment and lo and behold, Lake View Farm Store is getting a deck and portico with William's newly sawn lumber! For our visitors, this addition will provide a shady place to rest on those hot summer days and offer a little perch for mooie viewing on pasture. I'm excited...and oh, so very grateful! Watch your step when you stop in for a visit. Hopefully the floor will be in place by the time we open Thursday.

The Farmhouse World Kitchen

In a little over a week, we will close on the building in Plum City that will become The Farmhouse World Kitchen! I'm not sure how I am going to run the farm store and the new kitchen restaurant, but I have this very weird sense of optimism and confidence regarding the project! I'm going to ride on that for awhile! Please know that the farm store will continue with our Thursday-Sunday hours with William onsite more often than me, but I still plan to be around the store when I can. Once we get the renovations done at the new building, if I'm not at Lake View Farm, you'll likely be able to find me at the Farmhouse World Kitchen serving up some farm-to-table deliciousness. We also plan to sell our Farm Store products out of the new Plum City space as well. Right now I am calling it the Lake View Farm Store Annex, but that my change as the project evolves.

My menu plans are solidifying...I'm not going to give it all away quite yet, but can tell you we're going to offer a simple menu BIG on fresh and delicious! One option will highlight seasonal foods with a global inspiration, and the other will be a make-it-how-you-like-it farmer approved stuffed burrito. It is our goal to provide a welcoming and comfortable venue for fresh made-from-scratch foods that everyone will enjoy. We hope to open sometime late May or early June.

If my weekend schedule works as planned, I am hoping to have a few burritos for tasting in the store on Sunday. Keep your eyes on the Lake View Organic Farm Facebook page for updates.

Once the weather breaks, we're going to be insanely busy with all that farming entails! I'm glad I stayed active this winter out on my "loop" walk as I call it. I've got stamina for these longer days full of work, and an enormous supply of fuel as my excitement is unbelievably energizing!

Okay. On that note, I'm off to bake some Cardamom Sourdough for the store. Stop out Thursday - Sunday 9-5.

As always, I send you love from the farm, and wishes for health and happiness in your lives.


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Sarah Brenner
Sarah Brenner
Apr 22, 2022

Hi Dean and Lily - thanks so much for the positive note regarding the bread! Whatever I put in the store has to pass my test of "unique to the area." I'm thrilled you like it:)


Dean Antilla
Dean Antilla
Apr 22, 2022

your substantial and delicious sourdough bread is a great asset in our area. Thanks! And we love it. ♥️ 💀 ♥️ Lily

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