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Wall Clouds & Watercress

The other day, my son, Max, Hunyuk and I left Lake View for a nice walk to The Dirt Farm down Sleepy Hallow Road. Little did we know, storms were brewing above. The one thing Hunyuk is not afraid of is tires (that's how she became "The nicest three-legged farm dog ever"), but she is terrified of gunshots and thunderstorms. Normally, she begins to get real clingy, always underfoot, about a day before a storm, and then during the storms, she wants to be in the closet or bathroom, or some nook and cranny that helps her feel safe.

When we took off down the road for this two-mile walk home, I was reluctant to have the dog join us as age is upon her and she often tires a half-mile before our destination. She, however, is insistent and takes off running full-speed down the road as if to prove her strength and stamina. "I can do it. I'm strong. I can make it to the Dirt Farm!" So Max and I dutifully follow. Storms were the last thing on my mind with summer at our doorstep and blue skies above.

About a mile into the walk, down in Sleepy Hallow, we begin to hear rumblings in the sky far above, and Hunyuk decides to hide in the grass rather than continue on. The sun is shining. It's warm. But the dog will not budge. Max agrees to slowly coax Hunyuk along while I power it up the hill to get the car. At the top of the hill, I finally see what it is that is making all the noise. A huge wall cloud presents itself, and when I look behind me where Max and the dog are hunkered down, I see the rain falling in torrents. I knew they were soaked.

Worried about lighting or tornados or whatever else may drop out of that wall, I decided to run the rest of the way home to get the car and rescue my two sweeties. By the time I got back down the hill, they had made some progress up. Hunyuk had apparently shifted between bursts of running frantically and finding a place to hide. She ducked into a culvert, hid in the grass and bolted away from Max. Poor guy was exhausted and soaking wet when I finally found them. Hunyuk collapsed in the back of the car barely able to move from fear.

It was certainly a Spring Adventure meant for future tall-tales and embellishments!

NEW PRODUCTS: This weekend we have new treats at the Barn Door's Open Pop-Up. From our local neighbors, we will have asparagus from Rush River Produce, yogurt from Desperation Dairy, and watercress from the Girdeen Crew's Coulee Flowage. From our farms - Lake View Organic Farm and Driftless Dirt Farm we bring a Dipping Mustard tangy and sweet, a Salted Rhubarb Strawberry Sauce and "Naked" - our new CBD Hemp Oil Balm for sensitive people with sensitive skin.

We hope you can join us for another Barn Door's Open this Saturday 9-5 N1972 420th Street, Maiden Rock, WI

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