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Wait, When Are Strawberries Ripe? What We Forget When The Grocery Store Is Our Calendar.

If you get most of your food from a grocery store, it's easy to forget (or not understand at all) when foods actually are grown and harvested in our area. Strawberries, for example have been available (trucked from other states) for the last couple of months in the grocery stores, but the local u-pick fields only had berries for a couple of weeks in June. If you frequent the farmer's markets, you may have a better idea about when it's asparagus season for example, but that can still be a muddled experience if the market allows produce from southern states or if the farmer has greenhouses or hoop houses.

I think of our local food bounty as a sort of orchestral piece starting quietly, sweetly and then crescendoing into a loud thundering boom by late summer. It becomes a riot of fun!

Right now we are ramping up. The strawberries, asparagus and rhubarb are done and now it's time for the next round of berries. Cherries, Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, currants, mulberries, gooseberries all play their instruments primarily in July and August. After that we see the plums and garden fruit like tomatoes and peppers explode. Then come the grapes, pears and apples. We really are well fed by Mother Nature...and there is nothing better than fresh from the bush, vine or limb. Nothing better.

Starting tomorrow, you can come pick blueberries, currants and gooseberries at our neighbor's farm, Rush River Produce. If you've never been in John and Terry Cuddy's BIG BACK YARD, you're missing out. Come for the garden stroll and stay for the blueberries! They've got expansive berry varieties, and wowsome perennial gardens that are magazine worthy. The entire farm is a sight to, I'll be there working - stop out to say hi! It's a gorgeous place to be this time of year. Hours are 8-2... ALWAYS call for their pickers report - see the website for phone number.

Yes, the FARM STORE at Lake View Organic Farm is stocked and open for your visit as well. If you're wondering about the SUNFLOWERS, Mother Nature will deliver those the end of July and beginning of August.

Remember, small town life still operates on cash. No credit cards accepted at Lake View or Rush River Produce.

Start planning your fresh from the bush local adventure! See you soon.

Sending love from the farms,


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