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Visit the Farm, Stuff a Shoe, Start a St. Nicholas Day Tradition

Since last week's blog post about the saints rumbling around in my head, and the idea to host a pop-up, I've been SO INSPIRED making treats! It's great to be motivated, creative and inspired again, and fortunately, this late-blooming winter has given me lots of farm products with which to work creatively! So, yes, we will have the farm store open Saturday and Sunday, December 4th-5th just in time for shoe-stuffing the night before St. Nick's Day, December 6th.

Don't know about St. Nicholas Day? Well, not only is St. Nicholas known as the patron saint of children and secret gift giving, but he is the patron saint of sailors, merchants, thieves, prostitutes, brewers, pawnbrokers, students and the unmarried! This guy covers a lot of bases, so if you're playing St. Nick this year, plan for some sweet treats for your friends in these categories! Let the secret gift-giving begin!

When I was eleven or twelve, I was first introduced to the December 6th tradition of St. Nicholas Day by my step-father, Steve. One morning before school, pointing to the floor by the door, he mischievously asked, "Hey, what's that in your shoe?" I went to look and found candy treats and a few sticks, too!

In the Dutch tradition, if children were naughty, instead of sweets, they might find lumps of coal or sticks reminding them their behavior had not been positively interpreted. Despite the gentle reminder that my behavior wasn't perfect, I loved this surprise of goodies left in my shoe, and remember the fun I had at school asking my friends if their families celebrated St. Nick's day. Not many do, I discovered. Most of us have adopted December 24/25 for the gift-giving celebration of Christmas.

What I really love about this celebration from a parent point of view, is that it's a quick and easy tradition to manage that gives kids a BIG dose of fun. There is no expectation for a grandiose gift, just a little sweet snack and perhaps a stick and lump of coal to motivate good behavior all the way through the holidays!

Now that I have you thinking about finding small-sized things to stuff in the shoes of those you love, here's the start of what I plan to have in the Farm Store for St. Nick's Day. I suspect this list will grow between now and then.

  • Farmdouvan Spice Blend

  • Wisca'atar Spice Blend

  • Sage Rub

  • Herb Dip Mix

  • Salsa Dip/Spice Blend

  • Triple Threat Crushed Red

  • Cinnamon "Stick" You've Been Naughty Ornaments

  • "Coal" Candies in a Black Tin

  • Tomatillo Lime Jam

  • Spiced Cranberry Jam

  • Maple Mustard Vinaigrette

  • Cranberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

  • Dipping Mustard

  • Farmhouse Bars

  • CBD Smokes, chocolates, oil and balms

  • Christmas Pole Beans

  • Sunflower Seeds (To Grow)

  • Farm Tea

And, a few larger-sized items...

  • Holiday wreaths and swags

  • Bird Bait Sunflower Seeds for Feeders

I'd love to see you all stop out to see us one last time before winter really settles in. I'll be hanging around to say my hellos! Most of the galleries and groovy stores along the River Road will be open, so make a day of it!

As always, I am sending LOTS of LOVE from the farm!


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