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Tiny Town Fun - Day Trip to Maiden Rock, WI 2/13/21

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Mark your calendars as Saturday, February 13th (2021) is the day you want to invite your "pod," your "bubble," your girlfriend, your wife, your guy to take a road trip to Maiden Rock, WI. Small town tourism & agritourism are a great way to get out safely during the pandemic. We are a tiny town with some very interesting things to see and do, and lots of Valentine's LOVE to share! Here's an itinerary for a fun day, fun way to prepare for or celebrate Valentine's Day in the Maiden Rock, WI area.

Photo: Philip Schwarz Photography The ice sculptures at Nelson's on the Rush River

NOTE about itinerary: Not all stores in Maiden Rock are open early, so this itinerary takes you to Maiden Rock to score some Smiling Pelican Bakeshop bread and treats before she sells out, then off to Lake View Organic Farm and the Nelson Ice Sculptures before heading back to Maiden Rock in time for the other stores opening hours.

FIRST Stop at the front porch of Sandra Thielman's Smiling Pelican Bakeshop (Opens at 9 can sell out quickly) for a sampling of some of the world's finest breads and pastries. Sandra's sweetheart, Dave Meixner will likely showcase his fabulous pottery and nature photos for sale on the porch as well.

COVID TIP: Stop at Ellsworth Creamery for some fabulous cheese, a chunk of butter and a couple of apples to nosh with the Smiling Pelican Bakeshop bread! The smell of fresh bread in the car will overwhelm your senses, so rather than fight it, plan for it!

NEXT: Take your Smiling Pelican treats to the Ice Sculptures located on County A on the RUSH RIVER at N2699 County Rd A, Maiden Rock, Wisconsin midway between Highway 35 and Highway 10. These spectacular sculptures are the creation of a local plumber who happens to own property on an artesian well. In the late fall he runs tubing from the well to pipes on the property where mineralized water sprays all winter forming intriguing pale turquoise angel-esque frozen sculptures. At night they are uplit reflecting almost ghostlike through the property.

ON YOUR WAY BACK TO MAIDEN ROCK make your way to the top of the hill to Lake View Organic Farm (Open 10-2) N1972 420th Street, Maiden Rock to see some of the area's spectacular views, visit a working farm, check out our luxurious new products in the farm store made from our cold-pressed sunflower and CBD oil (Moisturizers, Massage Oils, Facial Serums, Bath Minerals, Soaps, and more...think ROMANCE, intimacy and self-care), and enjoy some hot Spiced Chai next to the bonfire.

NEXT Since international travel is a bit difficult these days, travel back to Maiden Rock where the gorgeous, colorful and handmade textiles at the CULTURAL CLOTH (Open 11-4) will take you on a virtual trip around the world. Hand-embroidered bird throw pillows from Guatemala would make a fabulous Valentine's gift for someone in your life who appreciates fine craftsmanship. Of course, Mary Anne and Jody have carefully selected an amazing collection, all of which make wonderful gifties.

AFTER YOU EXIT THE CULTURAL CLOTH, WALK DOWN THE STREET HEADING SOUTH and stop to see if Celeste Nelms has her Tiny Handmade Porch Sale going on. Celeste is our town's brilliant self-portrait photographer with an eye for the quirky, ironic and misinterpreted. If she's got goodies on her brick house porch, you want to check it out.

CONTINUE your stroll down the street to The Nest (Open 11-6) where Leah Sheldon curates a wonderful collection of Wisconsin artists - gives them a perch in her nest, so to speak! She's got an eye for design, so many of the works she carries will make your home unique, fun and beautiful.

DRIVE to Jenny Lind Bakery (Because you called 651-301-1095 to make your order before February 8th, and it's time to pick it up) on the farm at W12304 Rundquist Lane, Stockholm, WI (Open 10-1) for some of Ruth Raich's incredible Valentine's Cookies, scones and Scandinavian influenced baked goods. Then take a right out her driveway to continue on to Maiden Rock Apples, Winery and Cidery for a bottle to take home or to enjoy at the overlook at Maiden Rock Bluff.

What's that you say? A bluff overlook? How romantic! Yes! Check out the VIEW at Maiden Rock Bluff just down the road from Maiden Rock Apples, Winery and Cidery. If you land it just right, it could be a romantic sunset viewing! If you do leave the Maiden Rock area after dark, you must take a drive by the Nelson's Sculptures to see them at night.

Get to planning! A little prep on your end could make it one of the most romantic or fulfilling getaways you've had in awhile. We're looking forward to seeing you in our area.

Love to you all,


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Betsy Morris
Betsy Morris
Feb 21, 2021

Hallå! Looking forward to my first visit to Stockholm, Wisconsin tomorrow. I have lived in Wisconsin and I have lived in Stockholm, Sverige. Now to enjoy a blend of the two.

Looking at a home to buy, and a lovely visit.

Hej då!


Sarah Brenner
Sarah Brenner
Feb 27, 2021
Replying to

You are fun! I hope you find a nice place to call New Stockholm home!

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