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Those Days Are Over

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

It's funny how during busy daytime hours, when my hands are completely occupied, chapters for stories, essays and narratives unfold. They flow through me fast, and nearly completely take over my thoughts to the point that I sometimes find myself narrating, ranting or somehow processing out loud. But, when it comes time that I am with pencil, or seated at the computer, most of the ideas have vanished leaving only bits and pieces floating through my mind. A country-living lifestyle is not so conducive to writing, actually. Especially not when the weather has been so lovely!

I spent the entire day composing an essay about fabric after a trip to the Cities to sup with my son last week. Besides supper, I was excited to dig through a few thrift stores in hopes of finding a new/old wool sweater. I had a lovely meal with my sweet boy, but left empty handed after sifting through racks of synthetic sweaters and realizing that the days when I could count on finding a high quality natural fibre Ralph Lauren, Eilene Fisher, Anne Klein or god forbid, a handmade grandma treasure in a thrift store are over. I'm sad that modern fabrics are so chintzy, as my mom calls synthetic fabrics, and sad that we have created such gigantic mountains of fabric-related environmental impact. Oh, we humans and all our ingenuity! Before it's too late, will people decide to raise sheep and get a bit more proficient with their knitting needles? Unlikely.

On All Hallow's Eve, William's camera spotted a couple of other worldly images. First, in the morning, he sent me video of a Fog Bow/Ghost Bow, the likes of which neither of us had ever before seen, nor even heard of!

Then, last night, out late combining corn, he sent an image of his view from the combine...another ghostly blur seemed to guide his way! The spirits were indeed gathering for a brief visit, it seems!

Speaking of spirits, I had great fun exorcising any malevolence hanging out in the bank with my Depression Era Soup Buffet at the Farmhouse World Kitchen. They enjoyed their soup and followed my directions to move on! At least that's the story I'm telling!!! I feel physically and mentally SO MUCH BETTER, and am SUPER excited about new pop-ups and deliciousness I have scheduled on the November horizon. I had the chance to test run the Beef Birria Taco, have a new Al Pastor in the works, and a Smorgasbord of other fun things planned as well! Here's the line up for fun eats at 401 Main Street in Plum City. If you can bring on a good belly laugh when you tell a joke or have an interesting story to tell, please join us for a night of laughs and camaraderie on the 18th or 19th.

11/6 Burrito Reunion (Eat in or To Go) 12-2 (Sunday)

11/11 Swedish Smorgasbord 5:30-7:30 (Friday)

11/12 Swedish Smorgasbord 5:30-7:30 (Saturday)

11/13 Tacos (Eat in or To Go) Noon-2 (Sunday)

11/18 Stories, Jokes and Nosh 5:30-8:30 (Friday)

11/19 Stories, Jokes and Nosh 5:30-8:30 (Saturday)

11/20 Tacos (Eat in or To Go) Noon-2 (Sunday)

11/26 Tacos (Eat in or To Go) Noon-2 (Saturday)

11/27 Tacos (Eat in or To Go) Noon-2 (Sunday)


The rut is on and deer behavior is noticeably different. Bucks are solo-strutting around with their big racks away from the herds and moving into different territories, the herds are not out in the fields gleaning like they would in the summer, lots of young deer have moved into groups no longer attached their moms, and the females move alone more frequently.

Having been a city-slicker for most of my life, I'm not sure I ever would have noticed these things had I not become a peripheral part of a hunter's group. Watching and listening from the outside of William's circle of hunter friends, I know I will never fully understand the drive to hunt, but can see that hunting is an acutely spiritual and fulfilling ritual to which hunters are deeply pious and reverent. It's an honor, part of their life experience that brings purpose, and a seasonal event that connects them to the land and its seasons. This time of year, hunters are tuned into the inhale and exhale of the forest, tuned into the snap of twigs underfoot and tuned into all the energies of the natural world. They've had years of perception training, but for me, I am just beginning to learn the signs.

If you live in the country and don't have gardens that the deer people will destroy, you may want some deer corn for feeding the critters.

The Farm Store will be open DAILY through December 18th unless we get monster piles of snow or super sub-zero weather before that. I'm still learning how to manage the store AND the restaurant, so what's new in the store is a bit unknown today! There are lots of goodies - soups, cookies, sunflower seeds for the birds, spun honey, maple syrup, CBD products, Grape Gastrique to sauce a duck, wool hats, dodad bowls for your bathroom whatnots, and...there will be more by week's end!

Enjoy these last few days of warm sunshine, but help us practice our rain dance come Thursday as we need moisture!

As always, I'm sending love from the farm,


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Beautiful writing. Love it.

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