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The Season of Light and Details

Winter has arrived flocking our trees and blanketing us in white. Darkness comes early, but in this season we start the fires, burn candles and string lights to enliven our senses. When I was in Sweden a few years back, I saw that whites and creams dominate their sense of design probably as a way counteract the darkness this time of year.

Speaking of Sweden and design.... First, A BIG thanks to everyone who showed up for the Swedish Smorgasbord! There is something magical that happens when the Farmhouse World Kitchen fills up with happy contented guests. Owning and running a restaurant has been a pretty stressful undertaking, but in these moments of magic, I remind myself to stand back, absorb the vibe, marvel at the joy, and to be grateful for all of it.

In a quiet minute of rest before the doors opened for business, I sat back to admire this pretty room and was struck by the details and reflection of the design elements. I noticed the cutouts of the metal Ikea tray mirrored not only the legs and sculpted skirt of the Queen Anne console tables but also the green design in the old bank lobby tile floors. Looking up, we see the floor tiles reflected in the acoustic tiles on the walls. I definitely set out to lighten up this old bank, but most of those design elements were chosen not because I had the foresight to include each, but because (after the fact) I had a sense that they belonged. Similarly, when I was a student I balked at writing an outline for a paper! I'd say, "How can I know what I am going to write before I write?" My brain sees the gist of things, but the details do not surface until the process nears its end.

Just like the dining room energy on a magical night...I'm finding it can't be planned. But, after last weekend, it does feel that a Swedish vibe is well-suited to the Farmhouse World Kitchen! Perhaps another Swedish Smorgasbord is in the cards!

William closed up the 2022 harvest late last Saturday night. This year's farming window was sandwiched very tightly in snow on either side. He's now organizing the machine sheds, cleaning and storing equipment and otherwise getting ready for winter by bringing in firewood, preparing the animal sheds and making sure winter management tools and plows are ready. We're really not quite ready for the snow to stay, so optimistic that there will be one more warm up to give us time to get it all done.

Please remember that we have a website for both the farm and the kitchen. I'm sure I miss an update here and there, but many of your questions can be answered on the websites. If you are in your browser, just type in Farmhouse World Kitchen or Lake View Organic Farm and you should be able to scroll down to find our website links. I did make a change to the November calendar for this weekend. You'll see I cancelled the "Jokes, Stories and Nosh Nights" and replaced them with a Taco Buffet Lunch. I'm still not entirely recovered or adapted to the pacemaker, so long days that include an evening service are just too much for me at this time.

I'm off for a walk today in this winter wonderland before I work on painting and glazing new storm windows for the Farmhouse. Better late than never!

Sending lots of love from the farm,


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