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The Pivot Explained

I don't know what it is that makes me so willing to change and try new things, but here I go again. I feel like my life is one giant test kitchen with each step a new recipe waiting to be tried, tested, practiced and either kept, tweaked, or tossed. When something is working, I am at peace, I feel motivated, I am calm and in balance. I haven't felt that way in awhile now, but last week I launched the new Lake View Organic Farm @ Farmhouse World Kitchen Winter Markets, and know that I am on to something that will work for that space... and for me! Yeah! What a dang doodle relief!

When we bought the building a year ago, I thought I would launch it as a space for both our farm store goodies and a restaurant, but as I ventured into the project, the restaurant was my interest and consumed all of my time. Now that I have had a moment to step away, to see the project more clearly, I see that the Farm Store Market part of the project is far more inspiring and much more fun to focus on than the sit down food service part of it all. I may some day evolve that piece of the puzzle once again, but for now, a few simple offerings is all I intend to add to the mix. It feels right.

You can make one of these gorgeous loaves easily with one of our bread kits

and directions sheet. Nothing like the smell of fresh-baked bread on a winter's day!

My creative energies are full-throttle right now, and I am super excited about all the new products I have in store for you all! This week I have expanded my mocktail selection by adding two BLOODY MARY mixes to the shelves - savory and spicy. These mixes are made from last summer's tomatoes and a unique blend of herbs and spices. Just add the top salad for a healthy Sunday breakfast! I've also been in the test kitchen blending a new FARM TEA that I find completely enjoyable both hot and iced. It's one of those yummy immunity boosters that just makes the world feel right with mint, chamomile, rose petals, a speck of green tea, stevia for a hint of sweet and elderberries for a little tang and color. It's almost Spring, and around here that means MOREL MUSHROOMS! As bread kits were a hit last weekend in the store, I got to thinking about how much I enjoy fresh bread dipped in oil infused with garlic, herbs, and parmesan cheese. So, this weekend, you'll find a MOREL, PARMESAN, GARLIC, HERB "Umami Mommy" Bread Dip in the store. Seriously fun, and delicious! You'll want to stop out to see what else I have in the offerings as there are a few other new fundry sundry yummies.

If you'd like to dine in, we'll have self-serve Moroccan Harira Soup and Shaved Dry Beef & Swiss Sandwiches along with coffee, Farm Tea, beer, wine, sodas or bubbly water.

Thanks to all of you who visited us last weekend at 401 Main Street in Plum City. We'll be there every Saturday (except February 25th) through April 1st with something new and wonderful each week.

Take good care. Stay healthy, happy and in balance!

Sending love from the farm,


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