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Talk is Cheap

"Wonder if they have any hay?" These are the words of a seasoned farmer as we drive back roads checking to see if we can "row the corn." It turns out, driving along fields to see when the crops first germinate is a farmer's pleasure. Vegetable gardeners do this too, we just don't need to travel far in order to watch new seeds grow!

"Why do you ask about hay?" I wonder out loud to William.

"Well, grain prices are up, so I'm wondering if farmers are plowing the hay to plant grains?" A few years back, when most small family farms gave up milking, lots of Wisconsin's hay fields and pastures went to corn and soybeans. Now, with prices up for both of those commodity crops, William is speculating that it's going to be a hot haymarket. Ironically, the terms regenerative farming and carbon sequestration are hot topics. Those ideas imply an increase in pasture, hay and cattle grazing in order to restore soil nutrition and sequester carbon to eventually reverse the effects of global warming. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

These green lush fields frame Lake View Organic Farm because we find that hay is a very viable crop despite the fact that William no longer milks cows. We have a few steers for beef who munch our hay in the winter months when they aren't on pasture, and the rest of it is sold for dairy, beef or folks who have horses.

The March of the Dandelion has finally subsided, and we get to enjoy a moment of demure fancy grass instead of that raucous cacophony - "Look at ME!" - screech of bombastic seed heads leaping and stretching to the sky. Mowing causes the dandelion to proliferate, indeed, as we provide short grass with lots of space for those seeds to wiggle back to the ground eventually. I will forget that fact until early next May when once again, the noise begins!

The mooies have been so fun to visit lately! This crew is very affectionate, they like visiting with us...especially when we bring them strawberries or carrots for a treat! If you want to get up close and personal (and very slobbery) with the yearlings, stop out to say hi!

The store is full of goodies: Rhubarb Butter, Raspberry Rhubarb Jam, Grandma's Bars, Maple Syrup and TONS of other fun stuff! There might be something fun with ARUGULA if I can find a little time between now and store opening! Speaking of which, we are open THURSDAY - SUNDAY 9-5.

Enjoy the cool northern breezes!

Sending love to you all from the FARM and the MOOIES!

Sarah Brenner

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Sarah, I hear You in your words, and can practically smell the hay by your descriptions! Love your turn of phrase. Looking forward to another visit to your beautiful farm. Peace and love, Roxie P

Sarah Brenner
Sarah Brenner
May 31, 2021
Replying to

Hi Roxie! So nice to "see" you here on the page! Thanks for stopping by - what fun we writers have:)

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