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Sunflowers: More than just an instrument in your romantic gesture tool kit

The sunflower fields are blooming all around the Midwest! It's time to make a farm visit to share in the cheerful explosion of color! Not only are sunflowers a great flower to have in your romantic gesture tool kit, but they are HIGHLY nutritious as well.

From the expert researchers out there... The seeds are extremely heart healthy as they are rich in healthy fats. They actually elevate good cholesterol levels and lower bad. We cold press our seeds to make sunflower oil that has health benefits beyond the heart. Sunflower oil is antioxidant rich meaning it has tons of vitamins and minerals that help fight off viruses and support the immune system, it helps decrease inflammation in the body, and it lowers blood pressure. Not only are sunflower seeds and their oil healthy, but, oh so delicious! Sunflower oil is great to use in the kitchen as its nutty flavor makes everything taste wonderful! We use it for salad dressings, for frying, sauteing, roasting and as a butter replacement.

If you visit the farm and our store this weekend, you will find not only sunflower oil for cooking, but 20 pound bags of birdseed to fill your fall and winter feeders. The birds LOVE these seeds, and if you hang the feeder above a perennial garden, you will likely have a joyful cheer of sunflowers come up next summer. If you're looking for stress reduction or a better night's sleep, you'll want to try our CBD Chocolates made with sunflower seeds.

Last weekend we hosted a wedding at the Dirt Farm and our sunflowers played a big role in decorating!

Two weeks ago Sweet Hunyuk passed away and last week Kaia found us! She was listed on Craigslist, raised on a farm with chickens, and said to be good around people. William had a feeling. We went to meet her, fell instantly in love, and now she's with us at Lake View Organic Farm. She walked me without a leash this morning, healed and returned when called and always stayed in sight. She's been out with William baling hay, and she guards the farm at night. Kaia is ten months old, very obedient and bonded to us immediately. She's seriously an amazing girl and we feel very lucky to have found such a good farm dog replacement.

Hope to see you on the farm one of these days. The sunflowers are PEAK this week, so don't wait too long to make a visit. Mornings are best for photos and bouquets.

Sending love from the farm,


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