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Sunflower-Strong Summer

These babies are looking fantastic! Despite a rogue storm last Saturday night, these little cuties are still reaching for the skies. We had lots of photographers out last weekend, some senior girls taking final-year photos and lots of adorable kids posing just right for Mom! These fields make a wonderful backdrop and they will be looking good for the weekend.

I'm also intrigued by the idea that our sunflowers might make a delicious grilled treat. Baker Creek Heirloom Seed posted a video on Facebook showing how one might prep, grill and munch a WHOLE SUNFLOWER HEAD! I have yet to try, but something tells me, there might be a test run or two this weekend! Maybe a few of you will try a grilled sunflower head and share your results with me - photos and descriptions are sufficient, although a taste would be SO COOL! You can cut your own bouquet or sunhead to roast $1 each.

(photo from Baker Creek Facebook page)


I'm still on a bit of a TACO/BURRITO/ENCHILADA kick this week. The fridge has a couple of salsas, a coriander spiked pickled pepper and onion blend, and a batch of BARBACOA in the freezer to spice up a roast.

For sweets we have a Simple Summer Peach Sauce "Goin' to the country. Gonna eat a lot of peaches..." (an ode to the late John Prine) to top ice cream or Desperation Dairy's phenomenal yogurt, and an APPLE PIE CRUMB BAR.


1) Sunflower Oil - the best for your culinary adventures and everyday meals

2) Salad Dressings - Maple Mustard Vinaigrette and Sunflower Lemon

3) Sunflower Oil Soap - soft and luxurious

4) CBD Oils, Balms and Butters all blended with our organic sunflower oil


The combine has been collecting the wheat, barley and oats, second crop hay is still in progress, and the weeds are winning in the vegetable gardens! Our little chicks are growing so fast, we'll have eggs in the next couple of months, the pigs are leaping and jumping when visitors show up, (literally) because they know a human means treats, and a cat got caught in a trap meant for a racoon. What do you think of this cat? Bill let it go - very aggressive, very feral, very big. He figured it might help with the rodents on the farm. I thought it was a bobcat until I saw its tail.

Stop out for a visit this weekend. The weather is looking to be fabulous, the country roads are still ripe with wild flowers and fresh air is abundant!

Hope to see you soon!


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