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Sunflower Oil for Love and Health - And a Destination for FUN

How Sarah and William Met

Back in 2014 or so, I got involved with the Lake Pepin Local Food Group excited to find a way into the food scene ideally through some form of agritourism on my little Driftless Dirt Farm. I began growing vegetables and was quickly overwhelmed and impressed by how much food a small acreage can provide for the personal kitchen food pantry. In that same realization, I also understood what locally grown products were missing from the local food pantry. At that time, we had most everything we needed out here EXCEPT, flour and oil. Exotic things like coffee, chocolate and salt would, by necessity, of course, continue to be imported.

In looking around at the fields surrounding my farm, I saw only "conventional" corn and soybeans. But, a little further away was an organic farmer who I hoped might be interested in exploring the option of growing sunflowers for oil. When his answer was "Yes," my dream came true and love was born!

Not only did we begin to grow sunflowers for oil, but last summer we were married on Lake View Farm surrounded by sunflowers in a field overlooking Lake Pepin. The oil in our store this summer is made from the sunflowers from our wedding last August! So romantic, eh? Come help us celebrate our anniversary! You, too, can be outstanding in the field with us!

Heart Healthy

Not only did sunflower oil make our hearts feel full, but we have also learned that this oil is very healthy for hearts. In a nutshell, sunflower oil is high in healthy fats, lowers bad cholesterols connected with heart disease, increases good cholesterols and contains lots of healthy vitamins. And overall, it tastes fantastic! Our oil is as unadulterated as it gets - pressed and bottled. We do not apply heat or chemicals so our product is full of it's natural vitamins and flavor.

Did You Know?

When sunflowers are heading, but not yet open, they follow the sun. But, after the heads open, they only face east. To get the best bang for our eye candy buck, we have to be strategic about where to plant them! Last year we grew them for the wedding site, and this year we grew them for viewing from the store and house. It's a lovely thing to see!

Come for a Visit

We'd love for you to stop out to enjoy the sunflowers, our farm and take home a little sunflower souvenir. We've got sunflower oil, Salad Dressings, and Sunflower Oil Soap. You also might like to know, the carrier oil for our CBD oil is also from our sunflowers. We are one of the only farms using both farm-grown sunflower oil and CBD hemp oil together. Our CBD products are full-farm, full-organic and broad spectrum.

Hope you can make it out to see these beauty queens this weekend! They are at their peak right now, will still be beautiful next weekend, but after that, begin to fade and hang their heads low trying to prevent bird thieves from stealing all the goodies!

Find us at N1972 420th Street Maiden Rock, WI

Cheers to a sunny summer!

Sarah Brenner

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