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She's Runnin' With the Neighbor EXPLORING Pierce County

This is that old-school way of discussing love out here in Western Wisconsin. People would say about William when we first started dating, "He's runnin' with that woman on the Quist Place." The Quist family moved off this property in the 80s! Some things just stay the way they are no matter what changes.

On another love note, our durned dog, Kia met the neighbor's dog awhile back and the two of them escape off on these big adventures from time to time showing up on the other side of the county! We've been lucky to retrieve both dogs safe and sound a number of times, but I worry our luck may one day run out. Free range farm dog is not working out so well for this curious, long-legged runner. Call us if you spot them while you're out exploring!


There will be lots of folks doing fun things this weekend in the name of LOVE and VALENTINE'S DAY! We've got a nice selection of food and craft vendors this weekend just in time for a fun way to spend some quality time with a loved one. Stop, shop, browse, nosh, and explore Pierce County! We'll have some sweet FARM-FORWARD sandwiches for those of you who come hungry. We're open 10-4.

Sending love from the farm,


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