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Rye, Straw and Hay - How to Order

Wow! There has been A LOT of interest in our most farmy products lately. We're so happy to help you with your orders for rye as cover crops, straw for mulching gardens and bedding animals, and hay for your horses, goats, sheep, or chickens.

If you're new to using these products or buying from us, you might not be sure how much you need, or if what you need constitutes what we call a "large order."

For average gardeners or market gardeners, we've got a Farm Store under our big red barn with grab-n-go bags of rye inside and a pallet of a dozen or so bales of straw outside.

When to place a rye seed order:

For gardeners with any average size garden up to an acre, the bags of rye stocked in the store are all ready for you. William deals with farmers wanting to plant 10-100 or more acres for cover crops. If you're one of those guys, then text William to arrange for your order and pick up.

When to place a STRAW order:

Again, if you are an average gardener, it is likely that what we have for you on the pallet outside the store will be sufficient. Just stop in any time - no need to text. You can load and pay in the store. If you need more than 10-12 bales, text William to make arrangements.

When to place a HAY order:

Always text William with your hay orders.

How many bales can I fit in my truck? William can easily fit 40 bales in the bed.

It's a busy time of year for us on the farm right now. There are small windows of time to get the harvest in between rain showers and machinery breakdowns. For this reason, please send TEXT messages and not phone calls so Sweet William can manage it all.

Hope this helps with all the questions we've been getting. We really appreciate your business and interest in gardening, and we are happy to help!

Big love from the farm,

Sarah & William

Number to TEXT 715-222-8234

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