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Renewal & Rebirth - A Community Strong

Wow! These last few days I have had the delirious pleasure of participating in the Roaring 20s Post Vaccination Fun Frenzy that I am sure many of you are also experiencing. We've gone out to restaurants with friends, enjoyed live music, and are maskless! Last night, lots of folks from our little river community turned out for a local live music event at our favorite outdoor wedding and event venue, Liberty Tree Farm. In a way it was surreal, as if we had come together to renew our vows as a community, to reflect on the joy, respect, admiration, and if I dare say, LOVE we all have for each other.

We were spoiled with fantastic music by some of our local favorites: The Ditch Lilies played then were joined for a couple of songs by drummer hamonizer, Faith Ulwelling and then by our local vocal crooner, Emily Huppert. John Curtis Dehn brought some serious energy to the middle set revving up the frenzy in the crowd even more. This Bacchanal event would not have been the same without the incredible music, but I'm afraid we were a somewhat inattentive crowd as we could not resist the urge to reconnect, visit, share tales, hug, kiss, and stand close - we had so much catching up to do.

So chatty were we, in fact, that I started to impose a 2-minute time limit on myself so I wouldn't take anyone away from a few moments with someone else. After chatting with a few long-lost friends, I realized I would need to treat the event like a wedding, float around and say hello to as many as possible and keep moving. There were so many people I wanted to visit with, but worried that I was being disrespectful to the musicians. I tried planting myself on my bench and thought, "Don't look around. Don't make eye contact!" Well, if you know me, you know I'm a jabber jaw, so that didn't last long. Even so, I sure didn't have time to complete my rounds! Plus, someone was serving me Moon Man bringing out my bubbliest personality!

I know that all of us were more or less okay through the pandemic (even with the added pressure of an ugly political backdrop), but our gathering last night illuminated the reality and depths of the worry, isolation, and pain we endured over the last 15 months. There was a hush at the end of the evening, tears welling in our eyes, and the realization that we have each other, we have come out stronger, wiser and oh so relieved. We have, in a sense, renewed our vows to do better, be better and deeply respect this community we together are building. Those of us at Liberty Tree Farm shared a truly extraordinary energy last night. It's palpable everywhere.

Here on the farm we can tell that many folks have expanded their social agendas as our number of visitors has slowed a bit the last few weeks. I suppose people are finding themselves physically back at work and spending free time enjoying all those spaces that were prohibited during the pandemic. I suspect that after this initial bacchanal surge of fun, and summer berry picking begins (put July 8th on your calendars for blueberries at Rush River Produce), we will be back in action.

The greenhouse is pumping out goodies and the store is stocked with all sorts of fabulous things you can bring to parties to impress your friends! A bottle or two of our salad dressing will make a summer picnic salad a breeze, we have secret recipe fruit sauces that will make your ice cream sundaes sing, and new this week, Garlic Scape and Basil Pesto. Make a Saturday morning stop to the Smiling Pelican Bakeshop for a loaf of bread to enjoy with Lake View Organic Farm pesto, a summer salad and grilled chicken. Yum! Fresh from the greenhouse this week: basil!

Next week we will pose the question, "What is farming?" and begin to offer some summer agritourism experiences here at Lake View Organic Farm. In the meantime, if you show up and would like a tour, just let me know.

Sending you all BIG LOVE, dancing for rain, and hoping to get out for a long walk soon!

Be careful as you frenzy!


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