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Punctuation Marks Farm Life

Here's a comma dividing one of the many subordinate clauses of farm life. This cat showed up on the farm (was it last summer or the summer before?), and bullied his way into our hearts. Noticing him snuggled into a pot of oregano gave pause and distraction to a busy moment.

Kia spends her days running, chasing pocket gophers and digging for them! She's sweet as can be, but wow! what a white farm dog mess. She's got such a voracious appetite lately that she's even happy to enjoy fresh salad from the garden!

Speaking of gardens...these two old water tanks were planted the exact same day with the exact same seeds, but look...! Something lives in the empty tank who enjoys salad as much as Kia. Always have to remember to plant enough to share!

The perennial gardens at the Dirt Farm are in their most SPECTACULAR show, but yesterday's heat will make it all very short-lived. That reminder to stop and smell the roses is a definite period in the short staccato sentence of spring.

The restaurant is still in the works. Little by little we are edging closer to a finish line. It'll be a push to open sometime in early July, but that is my hope. Stay tuned.


I started playing with new flours for my sourdough. New in the farm store this week are a few loaves of sourdough rye. Give 'em a try. Let me know what you think.


William and I are off to fetch tables for the restaurant today. As I am building this baby on a shoestring budget, the tables will be another painting project for me in the coming days. Fortunately, this project will be much easier than painting all those chairs - yippee! So close to the "D" word...DONE!

We're sending love from the farm.

Sarah & William

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