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Popping Up Pop Ups

What's new at Lake View Organic Farm? William has been busy collecting eggs from all the secret nooks and crannies where our hens lay on the free range farm, hay is still getting cut, raked and baled, and the first freeze is on the forecast for Tuesday night. That means it's time to load up on carbs in preparation for winter!

While the seasons change around me, I've been down the rabbit hole of testing recipes, revamping the business and getting back into some of my old favorites. There are a couple of POP-UPS in the works at the Farmhouse World Kitchen in Plum City.

When I first bought the old bank/bakery, lots of folks asked excitedly, "Are you going to reopen the bakery?" I knew my response would surely disappoint as my cooking tendency towards healthful food that is vegetable forward was not what my new neighbors were hoping for. Every time I'd see the big Hobart mixer and giant rack of sheet pans, I looked away fearing I had been cursed. Well, I'm caving. I've decided to test the waters in the bakery department and offer Plum City a "Bakery Day" on October 8th from 9-12.

What will you find in my offerings? Cardamom sourdough bread, a variety of sweet rolls with standard to unique fillings, some of my favorite cookies, Raspberry Farmhouse Bars, Raspberry Cheesecake Cups, and a couple of soups to freeze or eat later in the week. By the time October 8th rolls around, I would imagine I will have a few more things show up on the grab-n-go tables as well.

Yep, grab-n-go. It's just me running the place right now, so the pop-ups will be organized market style. I'll have the goodies set up on tables in the dining room so you can walk through, choose your items and pay as you leave. I'll take cash or check at this time as I've suspended my credit card service for the time being as I adjust the business model. It's a merger of Farm Store and Farmhouse World Kitchen. You will get to see the gorgeous dining room and ponder an event you'd like me to host for you and your about Thanksgiving?

Planning a Leaf-Lookers Picnic?

Here's another idea for you. This coming Saturday, October 1, from noon-5 I'll be hosting a "Burrito Reunion" for folks who didn't quite get enough of the Silo stuffed burritos when I was open for regular business. The burritos will be grab-n-go just like my plan for Bakery Day. You can choose from our Barbacoa Beef or Green Chili Chicken each prepared with a medium salsa. I'll have grab-n-go drinks available and a few sweet treats to round out your meal. Since it will be peak leaf viewing, stop out for burrito picnic supplies and hit the back roads to enjoy the scenery.

Sweet Rolls in the works at the Farmhouse World Kitchen

In the Farm Store

I have been trying to rebuild the farm store again after many weeks of neglect. For those of you who love my soups and sourdough bread, the store is stocked. Also available are some new treats if your sweet tooth is reminding you to stock up for winter. The ducks are always outside the store waiting to say hello when you visit. Of course, Kia is there as well, guarding the farm and keeping the little critters at bay. Here she's guarding my wood pile when a little mouse went scurrying past us.

Happy Fall to you all. It would be great to see your sweet faces at one of the FWK POP-UPS this week or next. Hope you are well and good.

Sending love from Farmlandia,

Sarah "Flossy" Brenner

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4 comentarios

Those ginger cookies in the farm store are out of this world!

Me gusta
Sarah Brenner
Sarah Brenner
01 oct 2022
Contestando a

My absolute favorite recipe from when I was a kid just learning to bake! Glad you enjoyed them:)

Me gusta

Come hell or high water, I'm gonna get me a couple of those burritos on Saturday!

Me gusta
Sarah Brenner
Sarah Brenner
26 sept 2022
Contestando a

The way my life has been the last couple of months, I'm a little worried about that high water! Come for burritos and bring good vibes - leave the firestorms behind! Smudging sage might be a good idea...

Me gusta
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