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Pleased to Present a NEW YEAR, Baby!

Wow, am I optimistic about this new year - or am I just relieved? Maybe a bit of both! I'm feeling pretty durned good health wise, I have some ideas brewing for summer that have me motivated, and we're back in SUNFLOWER OIL! In the store today is the first batch of oil pressed from our gorgeous 2023 harvest. I love this stuff! It's the absolute best tasting cooking oil ever and a great healthy local alternative. It's the olive oil of the Midwest!

2023 Sunflower Harvest in a Bottle

There seems to be a bit of controversy around the best oils to consume for health. Sunflower oil is sometimes lumped together with other "seed oils"and can suffer a bad rap from that relationship. From all the research I have read about sunflower oil, it doesn't have the volatility of other seed oils like canola, corn or soybean and it's heart health benefits are second in line with olive oil. Not only that, but it's high in healthy skin nutrients like Vitamins A, C, D, and E. These vitamins are great for both acne prone skin and aging skin.

Here at Lake View Organic Farm we COLD PRESS our sunflower seed oil meaning it has never been subject to heat processing which tends to oxidize and break down oils. When oil is subject to heat and oxidization in the pressing process it becomes carcinogenic and inflammatory - NOT heart healthy. Sunflower oil has an extremely high smoke point (450 degrees) meaning it's very difficult to get it hot enough to release any free radicals when consumed. It's delicious nutty flavor shines though cold in salad dressing, in a sauté pan or a deep fryer. It also makes the BEST stovetop popcorn! Sunflower oil may be second in heart health benefits, but in my humble opinion, its flavor is far superior to that of olive oil.

Yesterday on a trip to Red Wing for provisions I interrupted William's story of the day to ask, "When in your life do you recall seeing green fields and lawns in January?"

"Never," he replied. "Never."

We're wondering if we'll see much winter this year. I don't see snow on the ten-day forecast, but I do see some pretty cold temperatures moving in. That means the Rush River Ice Sculptures just down the road from us will be growing and grand! They are always worth visiting!

I hate pictures of myself, but this one with my gray hair and new glasses reminds me that although my body is shifting in so many ways, my spirit is alive and well!

We'll likely keep the farm store open for the next ten days or so. Once those temps start dipping into the low teens, we worry about things freezing in the store that shouldn't. I'll keep you posted.

Today I stocked the shelves with new sunflower oil and tomorrow you'll find a new batch of Maple Mustard Vinaigrette in the farm fridge. William has the store stocked with corn, barley, oats, sunflower seeds and rye - all for feeding birds, chickens or small animals. And, of course, there are soups and cookies!

Stay warm, travel well, and practice all those wonderful things you do!

Sending love from the farm,


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