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Pinch Me Mode

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Life on the farm goes into over drive this time of year. Between big field prep and planting, the greenhouse and launching all of the smaller garden plots we have here and there, our hands are covered with soil much of the day. It's also the time of year when the lawn begs to be mowed (we succeeded with a HALF of No-Mow May!), the perennial gardens like to be tidied and windows want to be washed. There is so much work, that despite the lengthening days, there's not enough time...and because it's so warm and green and lush and lovely, we don't even care. Into bed we collapse at the end of it all and somehow wake up refreshed to start it all over again. Spring is my absolute favorite time of year with May and June entirely glorious in every way. Despite feeling quite exhausted by the end of the day, I live these weeks in pinch me mode. I can't believe I get to be here in this gorgeous place on earth.


There are some signage laws in Wisconsin that make it very difficult to advertise. The county doesn't like our signs on 35 and A, so they tend to go missing. We stopped getting our professional signs printed only to be removed, and instead, you will see some of our new, more farm-forward recycled attempts to remind visitors of our cool place to check out! Lots of old political signs end up in William's dumpster business, so he's been repurposing them into "Farm Store" signage. If you see our signs, yes, it's us. Stop on by.

The morels are done. William had lots of fun hunting for them, and I had fun eating them up with butter! The farm store is chock full of eggs, sunflower oil, salad dressings, farm mustard, rhubarb jam, all of my favorite cookies and lots of other farmy fun. If you love to watch the birds, there are sunflower seeds to fill the feeders. And, for you vegetable gardeners out there, time for straw to mulch! We can hook you up.

I'm helping my mom recover from surgery this week, but I'll be back in the kitchen next week with something new and fun...stay tuned.

Enjoy this lovely weather!

Always, sending love from the farm,


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