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Opening the Vista

For those of you in the city, you may not realize that this is the name of the game right now - for farmers, anyway. The combines are running sometimes round the clock these last few days, and the views are once again big and wide out here. We went to vote yesterday leaving William's friend and farm helper, Kyle, to keep picking corn while we were away. We took the long way to our township polling place in order to meander passed a few other farms and see their progress in harvesting. These guys put in a lot of hours driving this time of long as the combines keep working and don't need repair! I didn't jinx us, it's already broken and fixed!

The warm weather has given me the time I needed to finish winterizing the Dirt Farm. Yesterday I pruned trees, cut out branches that get in the way of mowing, put the perennial beds to sleep, put the hoses away and mowed one last time. I'm thankful winter didn't stay for the long haul.


I know you all enjoy soup, so there is a new one for you this week: BLACK BEAN ENCHILADA SOUP. I've also been experimenting with cranberries, so in addition to a fantastic Cranberry Vinaigrette for salads or marinade, is a CRANBERRY BANANA BREAD. Cranberries are my Fall answer to Spring RHUBARB! I love that tangy twist combined with sweet. William's WICKED HOT SAUCE has been getting rave reviews as a preferred sauce for eggs, tacos, or to spice up a rice dish.

William put together a couple of small bundles of firewood for those needing an occasional fire, but after harvest will likely have larger quantities of firewood available by special order. If you're interested in a face cord, send him a text in a couple of weeks after harvest is complete. Another fun thing we have for sale are curly willow sticks for decorating winter pots or urns. $4 each. Of course, the naughty amongst us might need some sticks left in our shoes on December 5th! Curly willow branches could be a fun addition to those households who celebrate St. Nicholas Day...does anybody anymore?

William will be heading into the sunflowers to harvest in the next couple of days, so we'll have seeds again to fill our 50 pound bags. Right now we have our smaller bags only in stock.


Our last day will be Sunday, December 6th, we will reopen in early Spring (hopefully April) depending on the weather. If, after we close, you need anything, feel free to send us a message with your order. We are happy to put things together for you to pick-up on the farm.

Enjoy the weather, take care of yourselves, and get out for a walk!

Sarah Brenner

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