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Grocery Shopping the Good Old-Fashioned Way

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

"Barn Door's Open" Farm Store Pop-up


Lake View Organic Farm has lots of products for your pantry and garden needs during this time of crisis. Under normal circumstances, we love to see our customers and visit with all of you, but due to the Coronavirus, we have made some changes to the way we sell our products. In order to continue to serve our customers, and even welcome new ones, we've set up this website. Here you can see what goods and services we offer, order with us through our email, and then stop by the farm for pick-up. We'll have a few items out for sale through the "Honor System" for last minute purchases.

How Does it Work?

"Barn Door's Open" for product pick-up will take place Saturdays from 9-5.

Take a look at our "Products and Services" page, decide what you'd like to order, then send us an email through the click button on the top of the page to place your order. When we receive your order, we will confirm it with a return email. We will have your products boxed up and ready inside the big barn door. We will accept cash, check or PayPal at this time.

Please respect SOCIAL DISTANCING if you arrive at the "Barn Door's Open" at the same time as others.

For weekly news and announcements about product availability, sign up for our newsletter on our website's HOME page.

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