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Let the SYRUPING Begin!

The forecast looks great to open the farm store this weekend! We'll be open (March 12-13) Saturday and Sunday 9-5, and if the timing is right for Mother Nature, you may be able to get a glimpse of the maple syrup process!

It's that time of year when the Maples begin to drool and the sugar drips out of the trees. Here in Wisconsin when the daytime temperatures rise above freezing and the nighttime temps still dip below, it's time to tap the maples. Sap from the trees begins to flow to fill our pails, and from this springtime elixir comes a decadent, mineral rich treat we call "Maple Syrup."

This time of year is relished as we begin our seasonal journey out of our houses and into the great outdoors. Winter no longer grips us with its icy claws, and the sun's journey across the sky brings increased warmth and longer days. These are the days when the sound of snowmelt and its cacophony of trickles, drips and flows makes us giddy.

This lovely video taken last year by Isabel Subtil highlights the syruping process on our farm from start to finish.

We'll host a more formal Maple Pop-Up once we get the operation underway. I know lots of you are looking forward to tasting some of our Sap Coffee and Maple Shrub later this month!

Stop out to see us if you're craving the sugar drip and maple drool scene!

Sending love from the farm,


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