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It's Time to Micro Farm & Eat Green!

You too can be a farmer...on your kitchen table!

Have you heard all the buzz about MICRO GREENS?

Sunflower seeds (or pretty much any food seed) scattered over a growing medium, watered, and placed near a window will provide some of those winter-scarce nutrients your body needs. These tiny plants pack a punch when it comes to vitamins and antioxidants - way more than their grown up versions! The fact that you grow them and snip to eat them on the spot means they don't deteriorate nutritionally unless, of course, you're one of those goofballs who uses the crisper drawer just to say you have vegetables! Plus, ALL meals look better with lovely green leaves scattered across the top! Humans crave green for a reason. Listen to your body.

What seeds work best for micro greens? Sheesh, where to begin? The list is long. Just to name a few... beets, lettuce, broccoli, radish, carrot, chard, spinach, lettuce, arugula, basil, parsley, barely, wheat, rye and yes, SUNFLOWER SEEDS!

We've got seeds and a super cute grow kit if you're looking for some TINY FARMING FUN! Get your green on with a gorgeous centerpiece of grow and snip nutrition! These grow kits are great for starting seeds for the garden as well.

EACH WEEK I have something NEW! Besides the standards - Sunflower Oil, Maple Mustard Vinaigrette, Farm Mustard, Granola, Bread Kits, Sunflower Seeds and all of the other wonderful treats - I try to come up with something fun and new each week. This week you'll want to test out the banana bread recipe that got passed from farm wife to farm wife here in Maiden Rock, the peanut butter cookie that promises to be CHEWY, some Chocolate Hot & Sweet Cowboy Candy (made with chocolate habaneros ouch!) and a NEW LUNCH BOWL!

Last week's lunch bowl (above) was Southwest Hominy Beef with pickled cabbage and cilantro. This week I'm planning another bowl, but with the flavors of INDIA. We'll offer Chicken Masala over rice with roasted potatoes, vegetables and two sauces - cilantro chutney and an herb raita. These are all words that mean 1) Super delicious 2) Good for your body!

We're open Saturdays 10-4 EXCEPT February 25th. Stop in to see what crazy fun I have cooking up!

Sending love from Farmlandia,

Sarah aka Flossy:)

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