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It's A Great Time To Eagle Watch Along The River

When I was a classroom teacher in St. Paul, I loved this time of year because we'd post to the classroom Smartboards or whiteboards, live video feed from various "Eagle Cams" around the state. It's fascinating to watch bald eagles nesting, tending their eggs and caring for their eaglets.

Eagles in Red Wing Red Wing Wild Photography

This morning on a quick trip to Red Wing I was blown away by the number of eagles I saw perching in trees and nesting. In all my gawking, I noticed a number of nests I hadn't seen before. I know that if I was still in the 5th grade classroom, there would be lots of kids interested in an Eagle Scavenger Hunt along the Great River! I'd suggest a day trip from Red Wing to The National Eagle Center in Wabasha and back to Red Wing on the Minnesota side. Of course, stop at the farm to visit our new ducks and get some farmy treats!

The Farm Store is STOCKED CHOCK FULL of FUN. We came back from a little vacation full of energy to get the store fully mobile once again! It stays put, of course, but roaring and ready to receive visitors! We're open DAILY.

This weekend I'll be hosting my first ADULT DAY CAMP. I had a cancellation, so there is ONE space available if anyone has last minute craving for my company and wacky ideas! Here's a link to the original post for the full details.

Here's to wonderful sunshine and happy days ahead!

I am always sending lots of LOVE from the FARM,


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