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In a dry year you get DONE

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Time to start foraging chamomile for FARM TEA


  • If it doesn't rain, we won't have second crop hay to cut and bale.

  • Heck, we won't have to mow the lawns either!

  • If it doesn't rain, we won't have to cultivate.

  • If it doesn't rain, we can't cultivate - can't see the plants.

  • If it doesn't rain, we won't have a barley crop to harvest.

  • If it doesn't rain, we won't have oats to worry about.

  • If it doesn't rain, corn'll burn.

  • If it doesn't rain, will we get any sunflowers?

  • If it doesn't rain, we'll have a lot of free time!

On the other side of William's DONE are all the other chores we will have time for: organize sheds, clean the shop, press sunflower seeds for oil, and weed the veggie gardens.

We'll never be done.


Let's see...what's new...I cleaned and cooked up a batch of RYE BERRIES for summer salads or breakfast cereal. There's also a new batch of Cardamom Cranberry Granola. For summer salads, sandwiches or Street Tacos, you'll find my secret recipe Ecuadorean Pickled Onions in the fridge. I'm off to make more Lemon Lemongrass Maple Spice cookies today, but otherwise my cookie supply is solid: Old-fashioned Molasses, Chocolate Triple Chip, Coconut Chocolate Macaroon, and an Oatmeal Maple Cranberry. There's a big batch of Cowboy Candy Syrup made from habaneros so it's full flavor and spicy (great on pizza, fried chicken or roasted potatoes), a batch of Rhubarb Jam/Sauce spruced up with a puree of last Fall's Concord Grapes, and a new supply of FARM MUSTARD. We're out of sunflower oil again for awhile, but hopefully we'll get some pressed in the next couple of weeks (it's a big messy long and tedious job). As you know, there are lots of other products and things I am likely forgetting. If I get my act together, there will be a couple of new soups and something with BASIL as that is what the gardens are giving at the moment.

This will be a good year for CHAMOMILE - one of the components in my FARM TEA. It likes the dry.

What is normal might not be this summer, but I am keeping my eyes open to signs of resiliency in the forgotten and unexpected. It always makes sense to work with Mother Nature rather than against her.

From the human-on-a-play-date perspective, enjoy this wonderful warm & dry weather, and from one who relies on rain for economic prosperity, please do a rain dance or I'll be asking you all for a job in a few months!

Sending lots of LOVE from the FARM,


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