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I love you Plum City

(Sandwich boards made by our neighbor, Samantha Novek - Thank YOU, Sammie! These will be standing outside the restaurant announcing menu specials when we get to that point!)

I am so excited to bring the Farmhouse World Kitchen concept to Plum City! As I work on the building renovations, I have enjoyed watching folks come and go through town. There was a huge turn out at the hardware store last weekend on Saturday as they hosted a Mother's Day event for families. I see students I had a couple years back travel past the building on their way home from school, and I giggled when a farmer with a hay rake parked across the street from the restaurant the other day. You don't see that in the Cities! PC is absolutely charming and friendly.

WHEN WILL YOU OPEN? I'll be busy with the restaurant renovations well into June and hopefully ready to open by the end of the month. Of course, in the real world, that may mean July!

WHAT WILL YOU SERVE? My menu will be full of made-from-scratch, farm fresh goodness! It's a simple menu, but with something for everyone. Each week, in addition to custom creative silo-sized burritos, we will feature a dish from a farmhouse in another part of the world. You may find Swedish open-faced sandwiches, soups from Thailand or big hearty plates of stewed meats on Ecuadorian style beans and rice. I'm excited about garden salads and a few unique dessert offerings as well. The food will be delicious and approachable, the space light and fresh, and hopefully an addition that will compliment all the great things that Plum City already has going on.

So, yes. I am insanely busy. I am scrambling between time in PC to get the gardens planted as best I can, keep the store stocked, and now it looks like the lawnmower is calling for my attention as well. I hear everyone tell me to pace myself and keep it all in perspective. I'm trying.


Seriously chewy Cardamom Sour Dough bread! I'm not sure what happened with this batch this week, but it has the best texture! I'll have it in the freezer for you.

I got busy with Farmhouse Bars as well. I love them cold, so you'll find Blueberry Lemon Shortbread Bars and Grandma's Chocolate Coconut Almond Magic Bribe Bars also in the freezer.

As always, the store is stocked with all of our regular goodies, the chickens are all out and about, the mooies are looking cute on pasture and every now and then, the goat can be spotted up on the lawn. Of course, the tractors are all parked all over the place, so stop out with your favorite tractor lover for a gander!

I'm off to my son, Max's graduation from college in Denver. He's an electrical/mechanical engineer graduating from the Colorado School of Mines. William will be managing all farm store matters while I am away. Hopefully there won't be any trouble because he'll be out in the fields.

Spring is here with warm weather, a myriad of exotic birds back from their southern respite and bees buzzing around the forsythia. It's such a spectacular sight to watch this ephemeral season march through so bombastically while summer whips and stirs in its tail feathers. Don't blink. Ephemeral is just that - fleeting.

Sending love from the farm!


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