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Hunkering & Planning

A peaceful hush blankets life on the farm where everything is unhurried and quiet these days. I suspect I am not alone in feeling that time has slowed to a crawl despite the short days. Hunkering down for winter, and sheltering from covid and politics has brought out my most anti-social side. I haven't much felt like blogging or engaging in human interaction as we do it now - Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, etc. Instead, I have taken on a HUGE crochet project inspired by a Pendleton basket weave blanket I saw in their latest catalogue. I love to crochet wool to be felted, so this very large blanket will eventually be shrunk by about 1/3 it's size. Right now it will fit on a king bed, but when it's done, it will snuggle me on the queen where I rest my head. And, hopefully it will look as gorgeous as the coveted Pendleton!

Part of my self-care-ignore-others routine has been to get myself winterized with good snow boots, pants, coat and hat so I can enjoy the natural beauty and fresh air. I've been outside most days since I closed the store December 6th doing a few strong miles each day. For those of you who know how fair weather friendly I am, this will shock you! I've not been one to be outside when its cold since I was a kid! I've also added back into my life a quick ten-minute yoga and weight routine each day to stay strong. I actually started with five minutes not wanting to make a drudgery of it, but the little routine I do takes ten minutes and doesn't cause me the slightest bit of balking!

I welcome this quiet and this peace. I welcome the time to take care of myself and do some of the things I want and need. I welcome the space away from others to recharge my social batteries.

The FARM STORE, however, has not been forgotten! Another project of late has been to research and test new products, as well as to plan for our first winter pop-up on Saturday, February 13th - the day before Valentine's Day. We are just beginning to press sunflower seeds from the latest 2020 harvest, so my dry winter skin has been the perfect tester of our new line of luxurious moisture oils, serums and bath salts. Romance, intimacy and self-care will be a big theme of our new products.

In the name of this pandemic, and not being able to see the ones we love as much as we'd like, I thought these little doorknob treats would be a nice way to show someone you're thinking of them. The door-knob pinecone swags will be for sale ($10) in addition to our new line of sunflower/CBD moisturizers, soaps, and all sorts of our other farm goodies. Yes, we will once again have our fresh-pressed sunflower oil for your kitchen and culinary needs.


Saturday, February 13th 10-2

If the weather isn't nasty, we will have a bonfire set up near the store and some Hot Chai to warm your insides. I'll be there ready to see your sweet faces and jabber about all of your recent doings:) It could be just the thing you need - a little weekend road trip to the farm!

Sending love to you all!


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